September 30th, 2015 Weekly Minutes of Meeting

We grew from 77  to 87  residents this week!

autumn_sign_clipart_4THANK YOU:

A Big Thank You to Roger Quaintance for building a drawer for the Activity Office this past summer.   The drawer is in place of a sink that we really didn’t need. It will be a great place to store our large paper items like the Seating Charts for reserved functions! Thanks much, Roger! And, thanks also to Delta as she came up with the idea. This drawer will be great for storing the large Reserved Tables Maps that we use.


Welcome – Cathy welcomed back Shari Melvin (office) and Lee and Mary Benfield (Activity Directors) and the new residents that came in since last week.

Welcome Packets – Welcome Packets are being distributed to those people already in the park so if you are here and don’t have them yet, stop in the office. As new residents arrive, they will be receiving their packets at check in. If you need a second sticker for your car, stop in the Business Office.

Policy Book – There is a new Policy Book in the Welcome Packet. Please read this and familiarize yourself with it. Some policies have changed as all of the Wilder Park policies have been standardized across Wilder Parks. You can ignore the policy on mowing and tree trimming as it will remain the same. The book was finalized before we received word that mowing and tree trimming could remain the same.

Golf Carts now need to be registered so if you have not registered yours, please stop in the office to do so.

Mail Delivery – Mail delivery will resume beginning this Saturday.

Business Office Hours – We will be open seven days a week starting this weekend. 8-5 Monday through Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 4 PM.

Gift From Wilder Corporation – Our District Manager, Rick Spilman, surprised us this morning with a delivery of new pool furniture. Thank you much! It is going to look grand out there this season!

Love the new roads! – The consensus of the group at the meeting is that we love the new roads in the park. Thank you very much, Mr. Wilder!

The October Calendar should be in your Mail Box. If not, stop in the Business Office and get one.

Autumn Brunch: The Activity Office is sponsoring an Autumn Brunch on October 15th at 10:30 AM in the Large Hall. The Menu will be: Mary’s Banana/Raisin French Toast, Sausage, and a Fruit Cup with Coffee or Hot Apple Cider.   We know some people don’t like raisins so let us know that when you buy your tickets. We’ll make some French Toast without the raisins. We will need some help preparing the French Toast Recipe on Wednesday, the 14th at 1 PM. Then we’ll need some help cooking and serving on the 8th. A Volunteer Sheet is attached to the Bulletin Board across from the Mail Room in the Large Hall. The tickets will be $4.50. Tickets will be on sale after the meeting in the Activity Office and must be purchased by October 9th.

Oktoberfest: We will be celebrating with an Oktoberfest this year on October 20th at Noon. We’ll start out with a meal and then we can enjoy JC & The Sound Machine. They are a DJ couple who will have a lot of music to entertain us with and they will keep you entertained. You can dance or listen. Trophy Gardens is invited to this event. The tickets will go on sale starting October 7th in the Activity Office and must be purchased by October 15th so we have a good head count. The tickets will be $5.

Our Roundups will start on October 27th.

Halloween: We will again be celebrating Halloween with our friends from Trophy Gardens. Your monthly calendar has a list of the events and times on it. We’ll talk about this event more later on in the month.


Signups for the first two October Trips will take place directly after the Park Meeting today.

October 3rd at 1 PM – Bus to Sandcastle Days at Clayton’s Beach on South Padre Island (CANCELLED)

The trip is free. You’ll have time to roam around and see all the sand sculptures and then the bus will get you to Dirty Al’s for dinner (on your own) at 5:30 PM. We have heard some concern expressed about the Red Tide at South Padre. Red Tide is typically in isolated patches that don’t blanket every stretch of beach. They often concentrate around wind or tide protected areas like man-made jetties. It’s effects on humans from inhaling it are varied. You are more susceptible if you have a breathing related health issue. Jack Ralph, head of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Kills and Spills Team said “If it were my family heading to the coast, I would not cancel my vacation because of Red Tide.”  We had a discussion about it this morning and we may decide to cancel the trip.  That will be based on the number of people who sign up today.  We need 22 to take the bus.

October 8th at 9 AM – Bus Trip to the National Butterfly Center $5 (with your WR Badge)

This is a great time of the year to see the butterflies! It will not be a guided tour as there is more of a cost involved, however, they have promised to have someone available to answer any questions that you may have about what you are seeing.   At 12:15 PM you will be having lunch on your own at the Cracker Barrel. I’m sure the bus driver will give you some time to shop after you eat before you head home.

October 16th at 4:30 PM – Bus Trip to Riverside in Mission

At about 5-ish you’ll have dinner (on your own) off the menu at Riverside. The tenderloins are terrific!

This will be followed by a Sunset Cruise on the Riverside Dreamer on the Rio Grand River. The cruise is $10 and we will collect the cruise money at registration. Registration for this trip will start at 10 AM on Tuesday the 6th in the Activity Office.

Bus Trip Procedures and Etiquette – We have worked with the Activity Directors at Trophy Gardens and have come up with a list of procedures and etiquette. These will be posted on the blog and on the Bulletin Boards. We have had a lot of complaints about “no-shows” on the bus trips and we have come up with what we hope will be a solution to that problem. The new policy is now on-line on this blog under Bus Trip Information at www.


We put some Volunteer Needed Sheets on the Bulletin Board across from the Mail Room. These are people needed to pull off the Autumn Brunch which is for Winter Ranch residents only and for the Oktoberfest Celebration (Trophy Gardens has been invited). Without volunteers for these events, they just won’t happen.

Mary would also love to have a couple people come in the office this week to help do a bunch of copying and assembling for Welcome Packets. Help would be much appreciated as we have a bunch to do to get everything set up for the season.

We need volunteers for Sundae Sunday. It is posted on the Bulletin Board by the Mail Room.

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  1. Rick Spilman, our District Manager, told us that the equipment is all purchased and has been bench tested. Now that the Time Warner connection has been completed, they will begin to hang the radios in the next few days. We are eagerly awaiting the completion of the project!! He didn’t give us the target date but it should be soon.


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