Spread The Word – Reserved Ticket Sales Info


We have some events that will require purchasing advance tickets for reserved seating.  If you aren’t in the park when we start selling tickets, try to contact a friend that is here to get them for you or just give us a call on the day after they go on sale in the park.  In order to have a successful dance season, we need to get the word out to the public as soon as we can but we want our Winter Ranchers to have first dibs on the tickets.   Here is a list and when we will start selling tickets:

Dec 31st at  8 PM –    New Year’s Dance with Country Roland, Jr. – $12
In the Park:     November 19thc
To the Public:  December 1st

 Country Roland, Jr. is new to Winter Ranch but he comes with a large Winter Texan fan club.  He plays principally country but he does stray into other genres.  If you like to dance or just listen, you’ll really enjoy him and his band.  He’ll make it a magical evening for us all!

We will be selling reserved seat tickets for several dances and we want to be able to open up the sales of these to those of you who are residents at Winter Ranch first.  In order to do that and still get a full house, we have to start selling New Year’s tickets before you all arrive.  There is no way around it.  If you will be arriving after November 19th but you know someone in the park that can get your tickets for you, please contact them.  Otherwise, give us a call in the office in the afternoon of  November 19th or at least before December 1st when the tickets go on sale to the public.

Jan. 8 at 7 PM –           The Agency Dance – $8
In the Park:      Dec. 10th
To the Public:  Dec. 17th

Jan. 29 at 7 PM –         Ralph and The Cruisers – $10
In the Park:      Dec. 29th
To the Public:  Jan. 8th

Feb 5 at 7 PM              The Agency Dance – $8
In the Park:      Dec. 30th
To the Public:  Jan 7th

Feb 14 at 7 PM            Valentine’s Dance With The Agency – $10
In the Park:        Jan 7th
To the Public:    Jan 14th 

We realize that we have The Agency two weeks in a row but we had a chance to get them for Valentine’s Day and so we took it!

Feb 19 at 7 PM             Team Jersey Night With Ralph and the Cruisers – $10
In the Park:        Jan 21st
To the Public:    Jan 29th

Mar 11 at 7 PM            Senior Prom Night With The Agency – $8
Theme:  “Under The Sea”
King and Queen and Court will be Chosen
Special Prizes Awarded
In the Park:         Feb 11th
To the Public:     Feb 18th

Since we have had many questions about when we are going to start selling Red Head Express tickets, I’m including this here although these are not reserved seats.

Jan 14th at 3 PM         Red Head Express             $10
Jan 14th at 7 PM
In the Park:       Dec. 9th
To the Public:   Dec. 17th

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