Wednesday, October 7th, Morning Minutes

autumn_sign_clipart_4We Grew From 87 to 114 This Past Week


A Big Thank You to Milton and Cheri Schnare for helping out with office copying, stapling, cutting and assembling Welcome Packets for new residents. They also helped to fold a bunch of Activity Brochures for the Business Office Welcome Packets.


Welcome Packets – Welcome Packets are being distributed to those people already in the park so if you are here and don’t have them yet, stop in the office. As new residents arrive, they will be receiving their packets at check in. If you need a second sticker for your car, stop in the Business Office.

Policy Book – There is a new Policy Book in the Welcome Packet. Please read this and familiarize yourself with it. Some policies have changed as all of the Wilder Park policies have been standardized across Wilder Parks. You can ignore the policy on mowing and tree trimming as it will remain the same. The book was finalized before we received word that mowing and tree trimming could remain the same.

Golf Carts now need to be registered so if you have not registered yours, please stop in the office to do so.

Business Office Hours – The office is now open seven days a week. 8-5 Monday through Saturday and Sunday from Noon to 4 PM.

WiFi Update: Wilder just signed a contract with Magic Valley so that they can attach the radios to their poles. Things are moving.

The City of Alamo is sponsoring an Alamo Recycling Event. You can take old paint, printers, phones, etc. There is information on the Bulletin Board across from the Mail Room.

Non-denominational Worship Services – Fellowship starts at 8:30 AM on November 1st with coffee and treats. The worship services with Pastor Frisby begins at 9 AM. This will be a communion Sunday.

Activity Office Phone: Just in case you think we never answer our phone, the phones have been down in the Activity Office since Monday. We hope that AT&T shows up soon to get it fixed.  THE PHONE WAS UP AND RUNNING WHEN WE RETURNED FROM THE MORNING MEETING.

New Year’s Dance: Have some people wanting to check out Country Roland, Jr. before they sign up for the New Year’s Dance. He just started playing for the season at Buchanan’s in Palmview last Sunday. He will be there on Sundays starting at 4 PM. In November he will start playing at other venues. You can check out his Facebook page Rolando Garcia or Country Roland Jr.

Facebook Group:   We have 242 Winter Ranchers who are members of the Winter Ranch Group on Facebook. When you are a part of this group, you will receive a notification from Facebook that someone has added to that page. Every time I update the Blog with new information, you will know that something new is out there. I will also use it to communicate any changes in schedules. So, if you are on Facebook but you are not on this group yet, contact me and I’ll send you an invitation to join the group.

Sundae Sunday: We had to cancel the last Sundae Sunday because we didn’t have enough volunteers lined up. We did put up a sign on the kitchen window, however, we didn’t mark the Bulletin Board in our office with that news. We’ll do better in the future. We’ll mark that calendar as well as putting a notice on the Winter Ranch Facebook Group page. We apologize that we didn’t handle that correctly.

Photo Directory – We will be doing another Photo Directory this season. We will again be using Life Touch Studios. We realize that the directories did not get to us for ages last time we did this with them, however, we think we have worked out the communication problems and should not have those again. We think the fact that their directories are more professional looking is really important.  Mary Jane Jensen has graciously agreed to be our Photo Check-In Attendant for the month of November. Picture dates will be on November 9, 10 and 30th. More will be scheduled in December, January, February and two will be scheduled in March to finish it out. We’d love it if those of you who are here now would grab the earlier dates so we don’t have to add more at the end.

Pitch – Starts on Tuesday at 6:30 in the Large Hall.

The South Texas Health System will be having a Senior Sunday Seminar on Hypertension on October 11, 2015. The brochures with information are near the Medical Bulletin Board in the Large Hall.

Reserved Seating Ticket Sales Information:

We have some events that will require purchasing advance tickets for reserved seating.    In order to have a successful dance season, we need to get the word out to the public as soon as we can but we want our Winter Ranchers to have first dibs on the tickets.   We have put this listing on the Bulletin Boards in the Large and Small Halls, on the WR Blog and have sent it to everyone who is a member of the Winter Ranch Facebook Group.

Dec 31st at  8 PM –    New Year’s Dance with Country Roland, Jr. – $12
In the Park:     November 19thc
To the Public:  December 1st

Jan. 8 at 7 PM –           The Agency Dance – $8
In the Park:      Dec. 10th
To the Public:  Dec. 17th

Jan. 29 at 7 PM –         Ralph and The Cruisers – $10
In the Park:      Dec. 29th
To the Public:  Jan. 8th

Feb 5 at 7 PM              The Agency Dance – $8
In the Park:      Dec. 30th
To the Public:  Jan 7th

Feb 14 at 7 PM            Valentine’s Dance With The Agency – $10
In the Park:        Jan 7th
To the Public:    Jan 14th 

Feb 19 at 7 PM             Team Jersey Night With Ralph and the Cruisers – $10
In the Park:        Jan 21st
To the Public:    Jan 29th

Mar 11 at 7 PM            Senior Prom Night With The Agency – $8
Theme:  “Under The Sea”
King and Queen and Court will be Chosen
Special Prizes Awarded
In the Park:         Feb 11th
To the Public:     Feb 18th

Since we have had many questions about when we are going to start selling Red Head Express tickets, I’m including this here although these are not reserved seats.

Jan 14th at 3 PM         Red Head Express
Jan 14th at 7 PM
In the Park:       Dec. 9th
To the Public:   Dec. 17th

We will, of course, announce these as they happen but wanted to give you advance warnings so you can get with your friends and be ready.

Autumn Brunch: The Activity Office is sponsoring an Autumn Brunch on October 15th at 10:30 AM in the Large Hall. The Menu will be: Mary’s Banana/Raisin French Toast Casserole, Sausage, and a Fruit Cup with Coffee or Hot Apple Cider.   We know some people don’t like raisins so let us know that when you buy your tickets. We’ll make some French Toast without the raisins. We will need some help preparing the French Toast Recipe on Wednesday, the 14th at 1 PM. Then we’ll need some help cooking and serving on the 8th. A Volunteer Sheet is attached to the Bulletin Board across from the Mail Room in the Large Hall. The tickets will be $4.50. Tickets will be on sale after the meeting in the Activity Office and must be purchased by October 9th.

Oktoberfest: We will be celebrating with an Oktoberfest this year on October 20th at Noon. We’ll start out with a meal and then we can enjoy JC & The Sound Machine. They are a DJ couple who will have a lot of music to entertain us with and they will keep you entertained. You can dance or listen. Trophy Gardens is invited to this event. The tickets are on sale starting in the Activity Office and must be purchased by October 15th so we have a good head count. The tickets will be $5.

Our Roundups will start on October 27th.

Halloween: We will again be celebrating Halloween with our friends from Trophy Gardens. Your monthly calendar has a list of the events and times on it. We’ll talk about this event more later on in the month.


October 8th at 9 AM – Bus Trip to the National Butterfly Center $5 (with your WR Badge) – CANCELLED

Neither park had enough people signed up. You can stop in the Activity Office to get your refund. We will try to get this one going again next month because that is the height of the butterfly migration.

October 16th at 4:30 PM – Bus Trip to Riverside in Mission

At about 5ish you’ll have dinner (on your own) off the menu at Riverside. The tenderloins are terrific!

This will be followed by a Sunset Cruise on the Riverside Dreamer on the Rio Grand River. The cruise is $10 and we will collect the cruise money at registration. Registration for this trip will start at 10 AM on Tuesday the 6th in the Activity Office.

Bus Trip Procedures and Etiquette – We have worked with the Activity Directors at Trophy Gardens and have come up with a list of procedures and etiquette. These will be posted on the blog and on the Bulletin Boards. We have had a lot of complaints about “no-shows” on the bus trips and we have come up with what we hope will be a solution to that problem. The new policy is now on-line on the blog and also on the Tours Board in the Large Hall.


Oktoberfest: We still need a few volunteers for the Oktoberfest. The signup sheet is in the Large Hall across from the Mail Room.

Tour Director for the non-Wilder bus tours is needed. You could volunteer to do just our park or perhaps our park and Trophy Gardens. These are normally “Go With Jo” tours. You do receive a commission for tours. Just stop in the Business Office and talk to Cathy about it.

Cleaning the Pantry: We plan to clean the pantry on Monday, October 12th, from 9 to Noon. We are going to remove everything from the room and clean it, add some contact paper to the shelves and then restock the shelves with the items that are still usable.   We did a thorough cleaning of the kitchen with the help of a few volunteers and so it is in pretty good shape. We’d just like someone to wipe down the counters, clean the sinks and wipe down the refrigerators and the one freezer that was in use all summer. So, we’d really love it if some of you would volunteer to assist us with this task!! Volunteer sheets are on the Bulletin Board.

Assigning Times for Life Touch Portraits for the 2015-2016 Picture Directory: Volunteers are needed to schedule portrait sittings for the 2015-2016 Directory. We are trying to break up the work involved in getting this done. Last time we did it Shirley Snell did it all and it was a real chore. This time we are going to ask for a group of volunteers to do the registration for the portrait sittings. You can do one day or a group of days as we’ll be taking the registrations on Wednesdays after the meeting and sometimes on Mondays in the Small Hall. Signup sheets are on the Bulletin Board for the October and November sittings.

Portrait Signups: We will also need a person to sign in people as they arrive for their portraits. We have a plan to make this a much easier task also and we can use several people to do this instead of one person doing all the work. We have a person for October and December so far. We need a volunteer for November. The requirement for this position is that we need a person who prints really legibly.   We are going to try and reduce the amount of errors in the Directory and this will help. We’d like to have someone do the registrations in October, another in November and so on. See Mary in the office if you would be willing to help. Otherwise, we’ll be out begging!

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