animated happy halloween

Halloween Events: We will again be celebrating Halloween with our friends from Trophy Gardens. Your monthly calendar has a list of the events and times on it.

  • Pumpkin Dessert Contest: We are going to start out with a Pumpkin Dessert Contest. The categories will be: Pies, Cakes, Cookies or Bars, and Other. There will be prizes and certificates awarded to the winners. And, their desserts will be a part of the potluck lunch that will be served at 12:30 when the prizes will be awarded.
  • Golf Tournament: The Golf Tournament will start at 9 AM at the Winter Gardens Course. If you have questions on this, contact Vicki Miller. I know this has been a really fun event in the past and the golfing techniques are a bit different than usual!! Vicki has posters in the halls that explain everything going on at the Golf Course for Halloween.
  • Scavenger Hunt: The Scavenger Hunt will start in the Large Hall at 10:30 AM. You’ll probably need a golf cart to enter since the items you’ll be searching for are located in both Winter Ranch and Trophy Gardens.
  • Potluck Lunch: We’ll have a potluck lunch at 12:30 in the Large Hall. Coffee and Iced Tea will be provided.   And, remember, we’ll have some desserts from the Pumpkin Contest. This will be a real potluck – bring what you want. If you’d like to bring something that looks scary or like Halloween food, all the better. Prizes for the Scavenger Hunt and the Pumpkin Dessert Contest will be awarded.
  • Bean Bag Baseball: The contest is on at 2:30 PM in the Large Hall. We’ll be fighting to keep the treasured Squash Trophy which is now on display in front of the Activity Office window. A signup sheet is on the Bulletin Board across from the Mail Room.
  • Golf Cart Parade: It will start at the front of the Large Hall at Winter Ranch at 5:15 PM. There will be a prize awarded for the best decorated Golf Cart. We are starting this at 6 PM because we can end the parade at Trophy Gardens where you can park your carts and attend the Costume Contest and Dance. SweetWater is playing. We didn’t think you’d want to dress up twice!!  NOTE THE CHANGE IN TIME!
  • SweetWater Dance and Costume Contest:   Trophy has a scheduled dance for Saturday night so we’re going to join them as the finale of the evening. There will be a prize or prizes for the best costume.

Take a look at some of last season’s costumes!

DSC01779 DSC01780 DSC01781 DSC01783 DSC01784 DSC01786 DSC01788 DSC01789 DSC01790

DSC01778 DSC01797 DSC01801


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