Halloween Golf Tournament

A lot of folks had a really great time at the Golf Course on Halloween.  Vicki Miller, Rosie Dorsey and Betty James did a terrific job of pulling off this year’s festivities for the Winter Ranch / Trophy Gardens Golf Tournament.

On Halloween the regular golf game undergoes some very scary changes.  The typical golf clubs are ousted for brooms, pool cues, sledge hammers and a good old fashioned throw.  I bet the scores are scary too!


Gathering at the Winter Gardens Golf Shack for some breakfast and a lot of conversation before the tournament starts.


Jennifer Williams


Here Vicki Miller is making some announcements and getting everyone out to the course.



Using a Pool Cue on the Green06-IMG_2924

Bob Johnson and Barb DeGaramo watching JoAnn Sullivan try
to use a broom to sink her putt.


Now it is Barb’s turn to use the broom!


Now they’ve really called in the big guns – try it with a sledge hammer!


At this hole, it was the best pitch that counted!


We’re back to using a pool cue!


Group Shot of the Players in the Winter Gardens Tournament

Thanks to Dick Miller and Rita Huether for the pictures!!

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