Wednesday, November 11, 2015 Meeting Notes

veterans day 559612_556542757779169_6879342791277471457_nTHANK YOU, VETERANS!

We Grew From 241 to 303 This Past Week

Welcome Back!

Text in red is new information since the meeting!


Thank you to Karen Larson for watching the office for us while we are gone three days last week. She did a great job and we felt comfortable leaving the place in her capable hands.

Thanks much to Ron Jensen and the rest of the Woodshop guys that cut out our horses for the Horse Races at Lone Star Downs. They are really going to look great. Next step is getting them painted.

Thanks also to Mary Jane Jensen, Connie Web, Marlene Miska, and Karen Larson for helping register people for their Picture Directory Photos.

And, thanks to Dean and Patti Ellison for doing some grocery shopping for us.

Bob Babler, Marvin Orndorff and Dennis Hecker for helping out with chairs this morning!

Thanks to the many who volunteered and who came to the rescue for the Veterans’ Dinner.  We’ll give proper thanks next meeting!


Symphonic Band Concert:  It was terrific.  The soloist was just excellent.  Hope everyone that went enjoyed the program.

Prayer Breakfast:  We always host the Prayer Breakfast for the City of Alamo.  It will be on November 19th at 7 AM.  All are invited.

Parking at other lots:  Please park on your own lot unless you have talked to Cathy for another alternative.  The sites on the cul-de-sac #434-438 will be assigned to staff.  Signs are coming.

Parking at the Mail Room Door:  Please do not park in the street. This is a safety hazard and causes traffic jams.  Also, take an extra minute or two to park and walk across the street.  This is applicable to golf carts as well as vehicles.

Golf Course:  Winter grass was seeded and needs to grove for 1 1/2 weeks.  Will mow next Friday or sooner.

Water pressure:  We called North Alamo Water.  They will be sending someone to check why the pressure was down this morning.

50/50’s for the park meeting officially start today. The listing of who has what dates is in one of the poster holders right near the coffee pot in the Large Hall. Make sure you know when your group is doing the 50/50 so you don’t miss it! We are collecting for the Bikers today.

Veggie Wagon – The veggie wagon will start on Thursday, November 12th from 9 AM to 10:30 AM. It will be parked by Doggie Row between Trophy Gardens and Winter Ranch. It will be here each Thursday at the same time. Don’t miss out on the fresh fruit and vegetables!

Golf Carts driving on the sidewalk:  If you see this, look for a yellow flashing light on the top of the cart.  It may be a 1st Responder responding to a call for help.

Car/Truck Stickers – Please help our guards out by attaching your car stickers on.

Tour Director – The Tour Director position has been filled by Annie Lindstrom. She will be covering for us and for Trophy Gardens. Welcome aboard, Annie. We’re looking forward to seeing what trips are available.

Activities Welcome Packet – If you are new to the resort in the 2015-2016 Season, please stop in the office to pick up your Activities Welcome Packet. It includes a lot of valuable information that we’ve put together for you. It also includes some free tickets to entice you to join in some of our activities. There is a price for the packet. We need your picture for the Blog so if you are a couple, you both need to stop in. We’ll take your picture and then hand you the packet. I can guarantee that it is worth it!

Roundup on November 17th: We’ll have a poker run before at 11AM starting in the Large Hall. Since we have an Advisory Board Meeting on the 17th, we need a volunteer to hand out the sheets and collect $2 from each player. The winning hand will be announced at the Roundup that day. Carlos Canos will be entertaining us. It is a BYOB and the concession stand will be open. Please stop in the office and let us know if you want to help hand out the cards.

First Dance of the Season: Diego will be performing on Friday, November 20th at 7 PM. Prior to his dance we’ll have a Soup Dinner for WR residents only starting at 4:30 PM. This will be a trial run for our Soup Dinners prior to the SweetWater Dances and it will also be a Soup Tasting Event.   We are going to try out some soups we haven’t tried out at the resort yet. The tickets will be $4 each. Marlene Miska will be selling the Soup Tasting Dinner Tickets after the meeting today and they will be available after that in the Activity Office. The cutoff for tickets is ABSOLUTELY 3 PM on Friday the 13th. We may need to buy more soup and we would have to reorder on Monday.

The first SweetWater Dance is the next Friday, November 27th.   We will have a Soup Dinner prior to the dance. Residents can purchase $5 soup dinner tickets. This will be limited to 50 tickets. We will sell 100 Combination Tickets for the Soup Dinner, Free Line Dancing Class and SweetWater Dance for $9. The people who purchase the Combo ticket get a $1 discount on the meal.

JoAnn Sullivan will be teaching the free Line Dancing Class. The Combination Tickets will go on sale to the public shortly as the ads have been sent to the newspapers. So if you want the combination tickets get them while you can. We are trying to bring people in to the dances and that is the purpose of these Soup Dinners.  We will be selling tickets to these dinners. Two of the soups will be your favorites: Broccoli Cheese and Potato Bacon. We’ll also have Tomato Basil and Corn Chowder.

New Year’s Eve with Country Roland, Jr. – These tickets will go on sale in the Large Hall on November 19th at 11 AM. The tickets are $12 each. We hope that you will organize your groups to purchase tickets by the table. Checks are probably the easiest method of payment. If you don’t do checks, exact change would be sincerely appreciated. Tickets will be on sale to the public as of December 1st.

The Thanksgiving Table Signups are in the Large Hall and tables are ready to be claimed. Anyone new to the park that needs some explanation of how it works, stop in the Activities Office.

Vaccinations – If your vaccinations are not up-to-date, then you’ll be happy to hear that Walgreens Pharmacy from here in Alamo will be giving vaccinations for the flu, pneumonia, and the 2nd pneumonia shot, here in our Library. We have scheduled them to come on December 9th and January 13th after the park meeting. Vaccinations will be in the Library. Video Checkouts will use the back door. You will need to stop in the Activities Office with your health insurance cards. We’ll make a copy of them and give them and another form to the Pharmacist so that you will be all set to go on the day you have your vaccinations.

Craft Sales – If you are a crafter and want to sell items at our Craft Sales, please see me in the Activities Office as soon as you can. We have two open spots and I’ve had people calling every week to get in. The price for a resident is $5 per month per space.

Photo Directory – Our next date for signing up people for directory pictures will be on November 18 before and after the Wednesday Morning Meeting.

Lights for the Swimming Pool Area: We raised $32 at the last meeting for lights around the pool and we’ve purchased lights for the fence on the front side of the pool. We hope to get those installed shortly. We are planning on adding more as our Pickleball people raise money at the SweetWater Soup Dinners. We are looking forward to the lights!!


Please let the office know as you start up activities so that we can announce them and post them on the blog.

These Activities have notified us that they are now in progress:

500 – Sundays at 6:30 PM in the Large Hall

Billiards Fun Night – Sundays at 6:30 PM in the Small Hall

Bingo will start next Wednesday at 6:30 PM in the Large Hall.

Bowling starts this Friday at 1:00 PM at the Flamingo Bowl. Judy has a signup sheet on the Board across from the Mail Room.

Bridge has started on Sundays at 630 PM 

Crochet starts Monday, November 16th, at 9 AM in the Loft.

Euchre – 6:30 PM at the Large Hall west.

Mixed Scotch Doubles – Sundays at 2 PM in the Small Hall.

Beginning Billiards – Mondays at 9 AM in the Small Hall

Choir – will start this Friday at 10 AM in the Large Hall

Ladies Billiards – Tuesdays from 1 to 3 in the Small Hall

Nine Ball – No Call Shot $1 – Wednesdays at 6:30 PM in the Small Hall

Bridge – Tuesdays at 6:30 PM in the Library.

Cribbage – Wednesdays at 6:30 PM in the Library.

Gentle Yoga – Monday-Friday 8 – 8:30 AM (November-March) with Pam Hoppe

Ladies Golf – Thurday at 9 AM

In House 8 Ball Tournament – Call Shots at 9 AM in the Small Hall

Jazzercize on Mondays at 8 AM

Pinochle – Mondays at 6:30 PM in the Large Hall

Pitch – On Tuesdays at 6:30 in the Large Hall.

Texas Hold Em – on Fridays at 1 PM in the Loft

Walking Exercises – Monday-Friday at 7:30 AM in the Large Hall.


Your Thoughts: We received a flyer from the McAllen Memorial High School Choir for their musical “Guys & Dolls” which will be presented on December 3 & 4 at 7:30 PM and December 5 at 2 PM. The tickets are $10. We can put together a bus trip if you are interested. Let me know which date and time sounds best to you. If you aren’t interested in going on the bus, you can purchase your own tickets by calling 956-632-5258. We haven’t gone to McAllen Memorial High School before but we hear their programs are excellent. Send us your thoughts!

Bus Trip – We have a new bus trip that we just scheduled on November 21st. We’ll be heading to the South Texas Balloon Festival in Mercedes. The bus will leave at 3:30 PM. We’ll arrive at 4 PM. There will be a Balloon Glow that evening and we’ll figure out a time we are leaving based on when sunset is. There will be plenty of available food vendors there. The entrance fee is $5 for seniors but they may ask for your ID. Once there you can also take a tethered balloon ride for $20 or if you really want to splurge, you can sign up to take a regular balloon ride for $300! Della will be registering people for this trip after the meeting.

Bus Trip for a 2 hour Sunset Sail Boat Cruise on the Laguana Madre Bay on November 30th with Dinner and Entertainment – The bus will leave at 2:30 PM.  We’ll be registering for this one next week after the meeting. The cost is $30 per person. The cruise includes an all you can eat Beef and Chicken Fajita Dinner with Jumbo grilled shrimp as the appetizer. The Hostess puts out fresh cut fruit platter after dinner. You can drink all the bottled water, coke, diet coke or sprite that you wat. There is live music – he plays tropoical, jazz, light country, etc. There is no sea sickness involved because you cruise the bay. This trip has been getting rave reviews so we expect that we may have to send a few bus loads of people on it.

Bus Trip to the National Butterfly Center on November 16th: We’ll leave at 8:30 AM. The butterflies are best seen early in the morning. The cost is $5 if you wear your Resort Badge. Then you will have lunch on your own at Cracker Barrel. We still have some seats available for this trip. Stop in the Activity Office to register.

Bus Trip to Ol’D’s Soda Shop on Thursday, November 19th leaving at 4:30 PM: We will register people for this trip after the meeting today at 11:00 AM and following that you can register in the Activities Office. We still have room on this trip.

WR Bus Trip to First Baptist Church of McAllen – Celebration Choir and Orchestra with Jason Crabb on December 13th   at 5:15 PM. You need to tell us if you want $5, $10 or $15 tickets. They are based on seat location.   We’ll pick them for you. We will have to pay for tickets in advance so they will not be refundable. If you can’t use the ticket, you will be responsible for finding someone else to buy it from you. We still have six seats left on the Bus to the First Baptist Church Celebration Choir. We decided to reopen tickets sales on this for a few days so stop by the Activity Office if you would like tickets.  We are only buying the tickets for people who will ride the bus.


November 17th Roundup: We need one more house to sign up as a dealer for the poker run. We also need one or two people to hand out the rules and collect $2 from each poker player that day. We also need a couple of people to handle the concession stand.

Wednesday Morning Meeting Setup: We would love it if someone who comes to all the Wednesday morning meetings could set up the Speakers Table and make sure the flags are set up correctly for the pledge, it would be much appreciated. Just stop in the office and let us know.

Friday, November 20th Soup Dinner & Dance with Diego – Soup Dinner is still lacking a few volunteers. The sheet is on the bulletin board across from the hall. There is also a sheet for volunteers to help at the dance

Zumba Coordinator – Pam Hoppe is looking for a person to be the Coordinator for Zumba exercises this season. Mary Sifuente is willing to come back to Winter Ranch and give classes. What the Coordinator needs to do is to advertise when and where to Winter Ranch, Trophy and the Alamo Country Club.   This person will also handle the money from the students and pay Mary. Pam cannot manage doing this again this season with all the other activities that she is involved with. You can contact her for more details.

Ticket Sales Coordinator: This season we plan on selling tickets to our entertainment and dances whenever we have an event that is open to the public such as our jams, craft sales, entertainment and dances. We figure there is no better time to sell a ticket than when we have a captive audience. To do this we’d like to have a Ticket Coordinator who would line up two people to do ticket sales at each event and show them what they need to do. When the season gets busier, it is going to be harder and harder for us to have the time to train and schedule everything and everyone. This would be a big help to us. This Coordinator could use the bulletin board as we do to get volunteers but then make sure that there are two bodies in place for each event. If you interested in getting more information about doing this and how we plan to do it, see us in the office.

BUS ETIQUETTE RULES: Just a friendly reminder of our new rules that have been agreed upon between Winter Ranch and Trophy Gardens. The rules are on the bulletin boards in the Large and Small Halls as well as being on the Blog under the Bus Trip Information Tab. If you are going to miss a bus trip, you need to notify the Activity Office that you will not be going at least one business day before the trip. Otherwise, a $2 charge will be assessed and when paid will be given to the Bus Driver as part of his tip. So, if you have missed a bus trip, please stop in the office and we’ll take your $2 and give it to Jack.

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  1. Sherrye Elkins says:

    What’s the date for the 2 hour sunset cruise?


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