Bus Trip to Hidalgo Lights

We take several bus trips to the Hidalgo Lights each year.  Every December in Hildago, more than 3,000,000 bulbs light up in the largest, award-winning Christmas light display in Texas. Throughout the entire month, visitors can travel through nine different trails featuring 900 festive displays, starting at the City Hall Plaza. Join the community of Hidalgo as they celebrate the holiday spirit with fun, family-friendly activities and live performances at the Festival of Lights.

Take a look at some of the lights in Hidalgo!

100_5413 100_5414 100_5415 100_5416 100_5417 100_5420 100_5423 100_5426 100_5430

100_5434 100_5445 100_5449 100_5450 100_5455 100_5459 100_5467 100_5473 100_5486 100_5490 100_5491 100_5496 100_5502 100_5503 100_5507 100_5510 100_5511 100_5523 100_5528

Jean and Bill Snyder heading for the Ferris Wheel Ride100_5529

Merlin and Cheryl Graaf


Leon and Lois Green100_5532

Jim Blawat and Josie Fehring100_5533

Thanks for all the nice pictures, Josie!!


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