Craft Sale


We had our first craft sale of the season today.  Our craft sales are always the second Tuesday of the month and we have them in December, January, February and March.  Although all our tables have been sold several people don’t show up in December so we arranged the room a little differently today and had more room to have lunch.


The vendors are just beginning to arrive.  We start at 8 AM so they have to be all ready to go by then.

01-DSCF0992 02-DSCF0993 03-DSCF0994 04-DSCF0995

We are making progress – almost ready!

05-DSCF0996 06-DSCF0997

Della Orndorff showing off an apron made by Brenda Granger.


Mary Hazlett is selling tickets to all our entertainment and reserved dance events.


Della is selling her purses


Brenda Granger is selling aprons

10-DSCF1002 11-DSCF1003 12-DSCF1004 13-DSCF1005 14-DSCF1006 15-DSCF1007 16-DSCF1008 17-DSCF1009 18-DSCF1010 19-DSCF1011 20-DSCF1012

Kathy Pitts selling bags

21-DSCF1013 23-DSCF1015 24-DSCF1016 25-DSCF1017 26-DSCF1018 27-DSCF1019 28-DSCF1021

Bonnie Langfield has some customers

29-DSCF1022 30-DSCF1023

Martie Senkler is selling hand-made jewelry

31-DSCF1024 32-DSCF1025 33-DSCF1026 34-DSCF1028



Sherryl Holzer, Sue Walker, and Sharon Dohner


Barb DeGaramo and Cathy Chapin, our Resort Manager


Linda Thompson and Ellen Hicks selling donuts


Donna Hulsey and Elinor Kroll doing cashiering


Jim Drake and Marvin Orndorff trying to stay out of the way


And customers have started to arrive

41-DSCF1039 42-DSCF1040

Patti Schoolcraft showing her wares

43-DSCF1041 44-DSCF1042 45-DSCF1043 46-DSCF1044 47-DSCF1045 48-DSCF1046 49-DSCF1047

For a December Show, we did okay.  The next one will be two to three times as busy as the season will be way underway.

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