TubaChristmas Concert

We took a bus trip to the Christmas Tuba Concert which was held in the Rio Grande Valley’s Edinburg Fieldhouse.  Tuba players from across the Rio Grande Valley ranging in age from 8 to 80 joined forces to continue a 26-year-old tradition of bringing holiday cheer at the annual RGV Tuba Christmas concert.

The national TubaChristmas is credited to the late Harvey G. Phillips, a legendary tubist who founded it in 1974. Phillips wanted to honor his tuba teacher and mentor, William J. Bell, who was born on Christmas Day. More than 300 musicians participated in the inaugural concert at New York City’s Rockefeller Plaza Ice Rink.

The RGV TubaChristmas is the largest concert of its kind in Texas and ranks as one of the largest in the country, among similar events in New York City and Anaheim, California. There were 300 or so tuba players in the Fieldhouse today.

1-DSC_0326 2-DSC_0327 3-DSC_0328 4-DSC_0330 5-DSC_0331 6-DSC_0334 7-DSC_0335


That’s a lot of Tuba Players


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