January 6th, 2016 Wednesday Meeting Minutes

We Grew From   566 to 692 This Week!


We are in Texas, aren’t we???

Changes since the meeting are in red!

Winter Ranchers at the Wednesday Lunch at Peter Piper Pizza!

1-20160106_113150 2-20160106_113249 3-20160106_122721

Doyle Groom won one of the drawings!


Thank you to the Mail Room Crew for getting us through the holidays. Thanks especially to Bob Lauitsen for stepping up when he was needed.

Thanks much to Cathy for taking over for us at the meeting last Wednesday so we could enjoy our daughter and her family. 

Thanks heaps to Mary Hazlett who managed the office for three days plus for us last week.  She sold a lot of tickets while we were gone so life went on pretty well. 

Thanks to Carol Earley for providing the music for the Roundup on Tuesday.  We know there were technical problems with the sound but we think if we get the equipment down on the floor where the Karaoke is done, we can fix that problem for next time.  Thanks also to the folks that did the concession last week.

Thanks to Nora Minor and all the people who assisted her in decorating the Large Hall for New Year’s Eve.  They did a great job as usual.

Thanks to everyone who helped out with the New Year’s Eve Dance on Thursday.  We had people who set up chairs and tables, a concession crew, the 50/50 people and the door.

Thanks to all you residents who ate dinner at the jam yesterday.  The jams are the Activity Department’s best source of income and so we thank you for putting some cash in our coffers.  Thanks much to Nora Minor and her team who worked the food part of the jam this week and Ross Craft and all the people who worked musical side of the jam.  Pam Hoppe said we had our best jam to date and served 160 paying customers, the jam team and the band.  Lee tells me the lasagna was terrific and I enjoyed the home-made bean soup.  Thanks also to Char Leach who baked the cakes for the jams.  Unless you are in the kitchen when she or she and Debbie McDaniels are, you never see them doing their jobs.  Char did six double 9 x 13 cakes this week which would have been more than enough for last week, but we ran out of cake again.  Next week we’ll go for eight pans.  So, if we run out, you’ll know we are doing well!

Thanks to all the volunteers who are registering for bus trips and selling tickets and various other things this morning and to Charlie and Nora for serving us those luscious cinnamon rolls this morning.

Thanks also to the Bingo crews who work every Wednesday and now every Saturday also.  We have a lot of people here who enjoy Bingo.


Advisory Board Nominations are due the end of this month.  We need a board member for Arts and Crafts, the Kitchen and the Woodshop.  Serving another year is Indoor/Outdoor Sports, Music and Dance and the Member at Large.

Golf Course:  Please repair your divots.  Remember this is your course!

WiFi:  The WiFi is still not officially up.  It will be up when it requires a password.  Then the Business Office will be issuing the number at that time.

Recycling:  Wandra Wheeler takes recycle items, however, please rinse out your cans before you bring them to be recycles.

Activities Welcome Packet – If you are new to the resort in the 2015-2016 Season, please stop in the office to pick up your Activities Welcome Packet. It includes a lot of valuable information that we’ve put together for you. It also includes some free tickets to entice you to join in some of our activities. There is a price for the packet. We need your picture for the Blog so if you are a couple, you both need to stop in. We’ll take your picture and then hand you the packet. I can guarantee that it is worth it!

Scheduling Rooms:  We’ve had a couple of instances recently where the people who had reserved a room didn’t get it because another group went into the room and said they were there first.    I have placed a Room Schedule on Activity Room #3, the Library and the Loft by or in those rooms, however, those are activities that are regularly scheduled.  If something is every other week or just a one time occurrence, it is not on the list.  That doesn’t mean that the room wasn’t reserved.  If you haven’t reserved the room, then when someone tells you they did, please get up and leave.  We now have a Rooom Scheduling Program and I can tell you if a room is scheduled in just a couple minutes.  If you need a room for something, please stop in the office and see me and PLEASE do not expect me to remember you said something about a room when I am away from my desk.  There are way too many things for me to remember and it just won’t happen!


LOFT:  We need everyone’s assistance in keeping Winter Ranch looking good and working smoothly.  In the loft, for instance, Yoga takes place every weekday morning.  They use almost the whole loft.  They need the cooperation of the card players and others who set up tables and chairs.  Please put the chairs and tables away after you are finished playing cards.  The Ping Pong Players have been doing a good job of putting their tables back in place after their use and we really appreciate it.  The only tables that we leave up are in the crochet area because they are very heavy and hard to move around.  And, just a reminder that nothing should be stacked, placed, stored or otherwise left on the top of the cupboards or anywhere on the floor.  About the only exception is when we put up or take down decorations and that will be for a short period only.

LIBRARY:  Just a reminder to put all the tables and chairs back where they belong.  There should be no items placed in front of the library or video shelves.

LARGE HALL:  We are constantly moving chairs back where they belong.  If you play cards or get together with friends, put the chairs back where they came from.   We also find coffee cups, soda cans, torn sweetner packets and plastic water bottles in all kinds of places in the hall.  We would like to make sure that our hall looks nice whenever we have visitors so we’d love it if all of us could do our part to make that a reality.

The Large Hall will be closed from 9 to 4 on Thursday, January 7th, to redecorate for the next season.  Nora has a volunteer sign-up sheet on the wall across from the Mail Room.  Quilters, you can go ahead and quilt just keep to the front of the tabled area as we did last time so there is a lot of table room for the decorating crew.   The Sew4Fun Group has given up their time on Wednesday the 13th so that you can work.  Actually, you can work any time during that day except when Red Head Express is performing at 3 PM and 7 PM.  There will not be any room outside of the room itself.

The Large Hall will be closed the next Thursday to all activities from 10AM until after the second performance of the Red Head Express.

Conversational Spanish for Beginners will be starting on Monday, January 18th at 1:15 to 2:45 PM in the Loft and every Monday after for a total of 6 weeks. The class will be taught by Sally Stephenson who has taught here before. The cost of the course is $45 and will be collected at the end of the first class. This amount includes all your weekly course handouts. Just bring your own pen.  No need to sign up just show up for the first class.  You can decide after that class if you want to continue to take it.

1st Responder Ranch Burger Annual Fundraising Dinner will be held on Monday, January 18th, at 4:30 PM in the Large Hall.  Presold tickets only and they are $8.  They will be selling tickets at the Wednesday Morning park meetings on January 6 and 13 and in the Small Hall daily from 10 to Noon from January 4th thru the 16th.  Sales end January 16th.

50th Anniversary Celebration will be on February 7th at 2 PM. Kathy Loerch is the Coordinator of the event and she has placed some signup sheets on the Bulletin Board across from the Mail Room. There is a signup sheet for the people that will be celebrating their 50th and another for those that will be attending that have been married over 50 years.   There is also a Volunteer Signup Sheet on the Board. It is a wonderful event so we hope you will all consider taking some part in it.

Cabasmo Fusable Glass Class will be held on January 19th from 6:30PM to 7:30 PM in the Glass Studio.  A signup sheet in on the Bulletin Board across from the Mail Room.

Jams – The next jam will be this Saturday, January 9th.   Barb Steenrod and the Illinois Group are up this coming week.  They will be serving Taco Salads, Loaded Baked Potatoes, Chicken Salad on Croissants, and Corn Chowder, all with desserts, of course.  Let’s hope they get the same kind of crowd this week.

Ladies Luncheon:  It will be held on January 11th, Monday, at Noon.  The theme is mismatch opposites.  Attendance has been very low so if you want to keep the luncheon going, we need to have participation.  Please sign up as soon as possible.  Tickets are on sale today (Wednesday) and Friday from 10 to Noon in the Small Hall.

Life Touch Photos:  If you had your picture taken by Life Touch (even if you didn’t order anything) you have a free 8 x 10.  They are in the Activity Office so stop in and pick them up.

Choir Practice has to be rescheduled this week due to the garage on Friday.  It will be from 9:45-11:30 Thursday in the Large Hall.  The Decorating Group will be taking down decorations and we normally wouldn’t have both things going at once but Phyllis and I had a really hard time finding an open location.

Golden Age Olympics Newspapers are available in the Small Hall.  Take a look at all the ways that you can represent our resort at the Olympics.  In some events we get credit just for participation.  There are all kinds of categories that you can be in from baking to pickleball!


The State and Other Potlucks are listed on your monthly calendars, however, here are the dates for January.  The Coordinators of these potlucks will be getting information to you shortly.  Check out the Bulletin Board in the hall to the restrooms in the Large Hall.

The 5 State Potluck (South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming) will be held on January 10th from 11 to 1 PM in the Large Hall.

The Wisconsin Potluck is January 17th from 11 to 1 in the Large Hall.

The Illinois Potluck is January 24th from 11 to 1 in the Large Hall.

The Minnesota Potluck is January 31st from 11 to 1 in the Large Hall.


    • Friday, January 8th is The Agency. Tickets are $8 and can be purchased at the door if you haven’t reserved your seats yet.
    • Friday, January 15th is SweetWater and the dance is $5 at the door. We’ve decided to dispense with the Soup Suppers which were planned for once a month when SweetWater is booked because it isn’t accomplishing the goal that we had for it which was to bring more outside people to the SweetWater Dances.   We appreciate all the help that the Pickleball players have given us in this endeavor and also all the people that worked on the dinners.
    • Friday, January 22nd is Diego. Tickets are $5 at the door.
    • Friday, February 5th is Agency.  Tickets are $8 and will go on sale on Monday January 11th at 10 AM in the Large Hall.  We will hand out numbers at 9 AM in the Small Hall.  Again, we would appreciate it if you would reserve by table or group.  You don’t have to fill the whole table.  Cash or Checks are fine.  If you do cash, please have the exact amount with you so that we don’t waste time making change.
    • The Valentine’s Dance will be held on Valentine’s Day which is Sunday, February 14th at 7 PM. The Agency will be our band for the event.  Tickets for the dance will go on sale on January 7th at 1 PM in the Large Hall.  Tickets are $10.  We will have someone handing out numbers at 9 AM so that you can get your number and come back when the tables are being reserved at 11 AM.  Again, we would appreciate it if you would reserve by table or group.  You don’t have to fill the whole table.  Cash or Checks are fine.  If you do cash, please have the exact amount with you so that we don’t waste time making change.

      • January 12th is the next Horse Race at 3 PM. The concession will be open during the event for BBQ Pork Sandwiches and Chips, Candy Bars, Klondike Bars, Drumsticks, soda and water.
      • January 19th is the Over The Hill PJ Party coordinated by Judie Anzivino which should be a stitch. I know we’ll be there in our PJ’s!  The concession will be open for sodas, water, candy bars, Klondike Bars, Drumsticks and a variety of chips.
      • January 26th is the Barn Dance coordinated by JoAnn Sullivan. The concession will be open for Hamburgers or Cheeseburgers and chips and candy bars, Klondike Bars, Drumsticks and a variety of chips, soda and water.

      Poker Run:  We’ll have a Poker Run on Tuesday, January 26th from 1 PM to 2 PM.  The winner will be announced at the Barn Dance.


      Jan 7 7 PM Freddie and Sheila $ 6
      Jan 10 3 PM Jacob Austin Band $ 6
      Jan 14 3 PM Red Head Express Matinee Performance (I have the wrong time listed on the Calendar.) $10
      Jan 14 7 PM Red Head Express $10
      Jan 17 3 PM Bernie and Red $ 7

      Tickets will be on sale at the door for all of the performances except perhaps if we sell out on the Red Head Express Tickets.  We still have plenty but there will be a large ad in the Winter Texan Times the next couple of weeks so you may want to buy your tickets at the back of the hall today.  The Red Heads will only be appearing in three venues in the valley:  Winter Ranch, another in Mission and at Llano Grande.

      Garage Sale:  Our one Garage Sale is coming up in January on January 8th from 8 to Noon so drag all of that unwanted and unused stuff out of your closets and sheds! Call or stop in the office to reserve tables for the Garage Sale.

      Craft Show:  Our January Craft Show is on January 12th from 8 to Noon with lunch served at 11 AM.

      Rio Grande Regional Medical Hospital Blood Screenings have been scheduled for 7 AM on January 11th, February 15th and March 21st. This will be done in the Library. David Almquist will return again on January 28th from 8 to 9 AM to talk to us about understanding our blood results. This will be in the large hall, kitchen side.

      COMPUTER CLASSES:  Ron Doerschug and Donna Ritchie have posted some classes on the board across from the Mail Room.  Take a peek and see if you are interested in any of them that still have availability.  Remember that the Computer Club offers help sessions on Wednesdays after the meeting in Activity Room #3.  These sessions are not meant to be a class but they are there to help you solve any problems you are having with your computer or a computer program or a smart phone device.  COMPUTER CLASSES HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED UNTIL THE INTERNET IS FIXED IN ACTIVITY ROOM #3.  AT&T IS WORKING ON IT.

      CHILDREN’S HAVEN INTERNATIONAL: Jeanine Helmer is a volunteer for Children’s Haven. She wanted to express her gratitude to you for saving all the Campbell soup box tops for education. She would love it if you would start or continue to save these box tops from Campbell, Swanson, V* Juices and Prego. There is a can in the Small Hall on the shelves by the printer on the bottom shelf. These go to Children’s Haven. an orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico. There will be a tour of the facility for anyone interested. A signup sheet is on the Bulletin Board across from the Mail Room. If there are 8 or more interested, they will come to our park and pick us up. Please sign our name and best day to go by January 15th. Jeanine will arrange a tour sometime in February. The cost is $10 per person or $18 a couple. This includes a meal. It is very safe to go over. We have and do it often. My name and information is on the sign up sheet. If we have more they will do as many vans as we need.

      Annie Lindstrom has brought in some fliers for trips that will be available. She will be posting them shortly on her Tours Board near the Loft Steps in the Large Hall.


      Please let the office know as you start up activities so that we can announce them and post them on the blog.   These Activities have notified us that they are now in progress:

      500 – Sundays at 6:30 PM in the Large Hall
      Acrylic Art Class will begin on January 8th from 1 to 3 PM.  Linda Campbell is the instructor.
      Beginning Billiards will be starting on January 11th at 9 AM in the Small Hall.
      Billiards Mixed Scotch Doubles – Sundays at 2 PM in the Small Hall.
      Billiards Fun Night– Sundays at 6:30 PM in the Small Hall
      Beginning Bridge starts on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 1 to 3 PM in the Large Hall. Just gather up front by the windows.
      Bingo is now running on both Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6:30 PM in the Large Hall.
      Bowling  has started on Fridays at 1:00 PM at the Flamingo Bowl. Judy has a signup sheet on the Board across from the Mail Room.
      Bridge has started on Sundays at 6:30
      Beginning Bridge has started on Wenesdays and Thursdays at 1 PM in the Large Hall.  Gather by the windows.
      Bunko has started on Mondays from 1 to 3 PM.
      Ceramics  has started on Tuesdays.
      Crochet  has started on Mondays at 9 AM in the Loft.
      Dairy Queen Bingo –will start Monday at 4 PM at the Alamo Dairy Queen.
      Dominos – will be played in the Large Hall on Sundays and Mondays at 6:00 PM now that Entertainment will be every Thursday evening for the rest of the season.
      Euchre – 630 PM at the Large Hall west.
      Choir –has started on Fridays at 10 AM in the Large Hall
      Dirty Board – has started as 6:30 on Tuesdays in the Loft.
      Ladies Billiards
      Tuesdays from 1 to 3 in the Small Hall
      Nine Ball – No Call Shot $1 – Wednesdays at 6:30 PM in the Small Hall
      Bridge  – Tuesdays at 6:30 PM in the Library.
      Ceramics –
      will start on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 PM to 4 PM on December 1st.
      Couples Two-Step Waltz – will start at 11:15 AM on Wednesdays in the Large Hall, Stage End.  Judy Good is the instructor.  The cost is $3 each or $5 per couple.  Judy will start with footwork only for the first half and then move into turns, etc.
      Cribbage – Wednesdays at 6:30 PM in the Library.
      Gentle Yoga – Monday-Friday 8 – 8:30 AM (November-March) with Pam Hoppe
      Hardanger has started. They meet on Mondays from 1 to 3 in the Arts and Crafts Room.
      Jewelry Making and Repairing is from 1 to 3 PM in the Large Hall East.
      Ladies Golf – has started on Thursdays at 9 AM
      Line Dancing – will start right at the Wednesday Meeting.  The cost is $3 per person and it goes to charity.  The line dancing will move from beginner to intermediate and be finished by 11:15.  JoAnn Sullivan is the instructor.
      In House 8 Ball Tournament – Call Shots at 9 AM in the Small Hall
      Jazzercise – on Mondays at 8 AM
      Mah Jong – on Mondays from 1-3 PM and Fridays from 1 – 3:30 PM in the Library.
      Pegs and Jokers – on Saturdays at 6:30 PM.
      Pinochle – Mondays at 6:30 PM in the Large Hall
      Pitch – On Tuesdays at 6:30 in the Large Hall.
      Park Potlucks will resume on December 28th at 5 PM –.  Please remember to bring your dish – 2 serving spoons and a table service.
      Short Short Bike Ride will start on Tuesday at 8:30 AM. Gather at the Front Gate for the ride.
      Shuffleboard – Start time is Monday thru Friday at 9 AM. Men and women who would like to shuffle are welcome!
      Swedish Weaving – has started. They meet on Tuesdays from 1 to 3 in the Arts and Crafts Room.
      Texas Hold Em – on Fridays at 1 PM in Friendship Hall East.
      Video Room – is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 to 11 AM.
      Volleyball has started: M-W-F 4 to 5 PM, and Tu-Thr 1-3 PM
      Walking Exercises – – Monday-Friday at 7:30 AM in the Large Hall.
      Water Volleyball – has started.  M-W-F 4 to 5 PM and Tu/Th 1-3 PM.
      Wood Carving – has started on Tuesdays from Noon to 3PM and on Fridays from 1 to 3PM in Activity Room #3.

    • BUS TRIPS: WR Only “Bet Your Booty Pirate Gaming Cruise” on the Black Dragon –
      The bus will depart at 11:30 AM on January 9th.  The cost is $28.  This departure will have the beautiful sights, wildlife and sunset of the Lydia Ann Lighthouse area and beyond.  You can play Craps, Bingo, Roulette and High Card.  Coins are free and there are prizes for the winners including a Deep Sea Fishing Trip, a 13 hour Bay Fishing Trip, t-shirts, gift cards and more.
    • WR/TG Bus to Valley Vista Mall in Harlingen Bus will leave at 11 AM on January 10th for a four hour shopping trip with lunch on your own at the mall.WR Bus – Rescheduled Bay Fishing Trip from December 28th – $15 Bus will leave at 6 AM on January 11th.  We need to know if those that were registered on the trip are still going. We may have room for others that would want to go. Please stop in the office and get put on a standby list. You will need a salt water fishing license for this trip. You can purchase 1 day or other licenses at Walmart. The boat goes out of Port Isabel and everything else you need to fish with is provided. They will clean and wrap any fish you catch at a nominal cost.WR Bus – Rescheduled Catamaran Cruise from November 30th – $30 Bus will leave at 2:30 PM on Wednesday, January 13th.  If you were registered for the original trip and are not able to go, please give the Activity Office a call so we can remove you from the list and put someone who is on the standby list on in your place. The cost is $30 and it includes an all you can eat beef and fajita dinner with jumbo grilled shrimp as an appetizer.  The hostess puts out a fresh fruit platter after dinner.  You can drink all the bottled water, coke, diet coke or sprite that you want.  There is live music.  There is no sea-sickness because you cruise on the bay rather than the Gulf. The first set of people to get to do this trip gave it rave reviews.WR/TG Bus to the Winter Texan Appreciation UTRGV Basketball Game vs Missouri /Kansas City team.
      The bus will leave at 5:30 PM on Saturday, January 16th. The cost is $6.  All Winter Texans in attendance will receive free popcorn, and the first 100 Winter Texans in attendance will receive a free t-shirt. There will also be an exclusive Winter Texan raffle for free rounds of golf at Palm View Golf Course.WR Bus to tour the San Juan Hunting Ranch The bus will leave at 7:30 AM on Monday, January 18th. The cost is $25 and includes a light lunch. The trip is limited to 22 people because that is what their tram will hold. San Juan Ranch offers 1100 acres of brush country stocked with the finest whitetail deer, nilgai, Rio Grande turkeys, wild hogs, javelnas, and quail. In addition, a wide variety of reptiles, birds, plants and insects inhabit the area. Tour the historic camp and corrals as well as the modern processing equipment needed to complete a guided hunt. You will learn about the history of San Juan Ranch and the importance of conservation and preservation of wild animals. If you are a hunter, you may want to talk to them about a hunting trip.WR/TG Bus to the Winter Texas Health Fair Expo – The bus will leave at 11 AM on Wednesday, January 20th.  Admission is free. The health screenings are free. The giveaways and door prizes are free. AND, the entertainment (a lineup that can’t be beat) is also free! The Expo is presented by South Texas Health System and sponsored by Amazon Camperforce, City of McAllen, Green Mountain Energy, Gulf Coast Eye Institute, HEB, Texas Regional Bank, United Blood Services and Weslaco Regional Rehabilitation Hospital.WR Only Bus Trip To The Nikki Rowe Musical “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying” – The bus will depart at 12:30 PM on January 23rd. Note that this bus is full as tickets were purchased in early December.  The bus driver will have the tickets for those that are taking the bus.

      WR/TG Bus to La Gloria and the Bloodless Bullfights – The bus will depart at 4 PM on Sunday, January 24th. Seats are $30 Sun, $35 Shade and $40 for Main Side Box Seats. We are just keeping track of what people purchase so we can get the tickets ahead of time. Bull fighting is a blood sport dating back centuries to Spain, Portugal and Mexico. Now, the tradition is taking place at a ranch in deep South Texas, with a twist. The bullfights at the Santa Maria Bullring in La Gloria are bloodless. Hundreds come to watch bullfights that end not with a sword, but when the matador plucks a flower from the back of the bull. A female World Renowed Matador, Carla Santoyo, and three male Matadors that are also World Renowned will be trying to conquor the bulls. These are four of the largest bulls you have ever seen. There is food available at a Mesquite BBQ Pit

      WR Two Hour Catamaran Cruise on the Laguna Madre – We’ll leave at 2:30 PM on Monday, January 25th.  The cost is $30 and it includes an all you can eat beef and fajita dinner with jumbo grilled shrimp as an appetizer.  The hostess puts out a fresh fruit platter after dinner.  You can drink all the bottled water, coke, diet coke or sprite that you want.  There is live music.  There is no sea-sickness because you cruise on the bay rather than the Gulf. The first set of people to get to do this trip gave it rave reviews.

      BUS ETIQUETTE RULES: Just a friendly reminder of our new rules that have been agreed upon between Winter Ranch and Trophy Gardens. The rules are on the bulletin boards in the Large and Small Halls as well as being on the Blog under the Bus Trip Information Tab. If you are going to miss a bus trip, you need to notify the Activity Office that you will not be going at least one business day before the trip. Otherwise, a $2 charge will be assessed and when paid will be given to the Bus Driver as part of his tip. So, if you have missed a bus trip, please stop in the office and we’ll take your $2 and give it to the bus driver.

    • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:Cathy is looking for a Welcome Committee person. The Welcome Committee people greet our new residents. To find out more stop in the Business Office.
    • Lee will need some help setting up for the garage sale.  We have 37 tables to get arranged before 7 AM.  We will be setting up after the entertainment tonight.
    • We need a Room Setup team on January 7th at 4 PM for the Freddie and Sheila Show that starts at 7 PM.
    • There is a signup sheet for volunteers for the Agency Dance on Friday, January 8th on the board across from the Mail Room.  It should be a busy night!
    • The Jacob Austin Band is on January 10th at 3 PM.  On this one, if the Church could leave their chairs up on Sunday, then we could take them down after the entertainment is over.
    • The Craft Show Volunteer Sheet is posted on the Bulletin Board across from the Mail Room.
    • We are in need of two more Jam Teams because we had one team that decided not to redo again this season and last season we had a couple of teams who had to work more than twice.    Actually, we have several people who would be willing to work on a team but we need two Team Leaders.
    • We have some large events coming up that will require vehicle escorts.  The first one is The Agency Dance on Friday, January 8th and the next one is for the Red Head Express.  For the Agency Dance a team of three will work out.  We need a larger crew of six people for the Red Head Express.  We’ll have four working before the 3 PM show and two more that will come on after the show to help move people out when the 7 PM show is coming in.  One person could stick around for anyone that gets lost.   If you would be willing to help I’d like to set up a meeting to discuss exactly what we are going to do to help prevent mayhem.  Please sign up on the Bulletin Board across from the Mail Room.
    • We also need to borrow some golf carts that will seat four for the two events.  If you would be willing to loan your cart, please stop in the office.  We’d like to get a list of people who would be willing to loan golf carts for them for these type of events.
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