Today we have two shows for the Redhead Express.  One at 3 PM and another at 7 PM. We have pre-sold 400 tickets for each show and expect walk-ins!  This means that we all need to work together today to have things work REALLY smoothly.  We have some requests in order to keep things  moving smoothly:

  1.  If you live close to the hall and have room in your driveway for another golf cart or especially another car, it would be a great day to invite a friend to share your driveway while they are at the RedHead Express show. We want to remove as much congestion and leave as much room for parking for visitors as we can.
  2. Parking behind the hall will be designated as Handicapped Parking Only from 1 PM until the second show crowd has left the Ranch!
  3. Golf Carts, please only park in golf cart areas after 11 AM this morning.  We need to keep all parking for cars available for visitors.
  4. The Large Hall will be closed to all traffic after 10:30 today. The doors will be opened at 1 PM again for people going to the show. If you are planning on saving a chair, you can do that starting at 1 PM. We do not guarantee that someone might move your things.
  5. The Activity Office is closed to all activities except Red Head Express or the Jam Crew on Saturday.  We need to keep that moving well also.
  6. ADVANCE TICKET SALES FOR REDHEAD ARE OFFICIALLY OVER.  Tickets will be sold at the door but there will be a limited amount sold for each show.
  7. We REALLY could use some help in the Large Hall starting at 11 AM moving chairs from everywhere into the Large Hall and taking down tables.  
  8. We may need to borrow some chairs from Trophy and could use some help transporting those.  We’ll know that after we move all of our chairs!
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