2016 Winter Ranch Quilt Show



Our Quilting Ladies ready for the show

02-DSC04411 03-DSC04412

This quilt was made by Brenda Granger.  She decided to use up the scraps from her Sweatshirt cardigans.  Her bedroom is red, black and white.  She chose this pattern because it had a lot of little pieces.

04-DSC04413 05-DSC04414

The quilt in front was made by Sherrl Holzer.  She made this with faric from the 2015 Minnesota Shop Hop.  It will be going to Finland as part of a wedding gift for Mari, our  Foreign Exchange Student “Granddaughter.”


Julie Rademacher made the above picture quilt.   She did this for her Mother who said that now she can sleep with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren all at one time.

09-DSC04418 10-DSC04419 11-DSC04420 12-DSC04421 13-DSC04422 14-DSC04423

Julie Betsinger made this quilt for her granddaughter.

16-DSC04425The Ticket Door

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