January 27th Wednesday Morning Meeting News


Our Bikers Heading To Victoria Palms For Breakfast!

We went from 749 to 778 this week
Welcome Back!


Activities Board Nominations are due today.  Please return them to the Business Office.

Parking:  Please park on your own site unless you have talked to Cathy in the Business Office.  Please tell your friends and neighbors who don’t dome to the meeting.

WiFi:  There was a hiccup over the weekend.  The company was on it on Monday and got it running again.  The Office learned of this later on Monday so we could not explain what was happening.  Thank you to those that were patient through the process.

Call of the States and Provinces:  This will occur on February 10th at the meeting.  Please sign up in the Business Office to be a flag bearer.

The CanAM Golf Tournament will be on February 17th.

Lost and Found:  We found a key and dog tag.  It is in the Business Office.


Thanks to Nora Minor and her decorating crew for getting the hall so nicely decorated for Valentine’s Day.

Thanks to the volunteers who worked the  Barn Dance Roundup on Tuesday, the William Florian entertainment on Thursday and the Dance with Diego on Friday.

Thanks much to the volunteers who worked on the Jam this weekend. It was a great success. We had more jammers again this week and the “Get Er Done” Jam crew led by Ellen Hicks brought in over $1100 on their wonderful lunch selections. This week’s crew will be the “In A Pinch Group” headed by Judy Good.  Menu will be out shortly.

Thanks also to Mary Hazlett and Carrie Halberg for helping in the office while I’ve been out of commission.  I’m doing better this afternoon so hope to be in the office tomorrow!

Thanks to all those who helped with the Fund Raising Event for Ross and Sheryl.  There was such a wonderful turnout.  It really warmed the heart!

02-DSC04387 16-DSC04406


Activities Welcome Packet – If you are new to the resort in the 2015-2016 Season, please stop in the office to pick up your Activities Welcome Packet. It includes a lot of valuable information that we’ve put together for you. It also includes some free tickets to entice you to join in some of our activities. There is a price for the packet. We need your picture for the Blog so if you are a couple, you both need to stop in. We’ll take your picture and then hand you the packet. I can guarantee that it is worth it!

The next Ladies Lunch will be on Monday, February 8th at Noon in the Large Hall. It will be a Tea and Style Show with Bec’s from Weslaco. Tickets are on sale in the mall this morning and in the Small Hall on Friday from 10 to Noon and next week also. Tickets are $3.

50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration will be on February 7th at 2 PM. Kathy Loerch is the Coordinator of the event and she has placed some signup sheets on the Bulletin Board across from the Mail Room. There is a signup sheet for the people that will be celebrating their 50th and another for those that will be attending that have been married over 50 years.   There is also a Volunteer Signup Sheet on the Board. It is a wonderful event so we hope you will all consider taking some part in it.

The February Craft Show will be on February 9th from 8 to Noon. Volunteer sheets will be posted shortly.

The Margarita Party is coming up on February 9th at 3 PM in the Large Hall. This is a fundraiser for the Billiards Group and is a really fun party! The tickets are on sale in the back of the Large Hall today.  Less than 100 tickets left.

Fusable Glass Glass:  Another class will be held on February 9th at 6:30 PM.  Sign up on the board by the Mail Room.


  • The Minnesota Potluck is January 31st from 11 to 1 in the Large Hall.
  • The Michigan Potluck is February 7th from 11:30 to 1 in the Large Hall. The signup sheet and information are on the Potluck Bulletin Board in the Large Hall by the Rest Rooms. We need everyone to be ready to eat at 11:30 AM because this is also the day for the 50th Wedding Anniversary and we don’t want to interfere with that.
  • The Missouri Potluck is February 15th from 11 to 1 in the Large Hall.
  • The Kansas/Oklahoma Potluck is February 16th from 11 to 1 in the Large Hall.
  • The Canadian Potluck is February 19th from 11 to 1 in the Large Hall.
  • The Iowa Potluck is on February 28th from 11 to 1 in the Large Hall.


  • February 2nd will be our second Sock Hop. Connie Webb is the Coordinator of this event. We’ll be serving Chili Dogs, Sloppy Joes, Ice Cream Sundaes, and Root Beer Floats in the Winter Ranch Café.
  • This will be our last Roundup in February due to all the other activities going on so do come out and enjoy each other and have a good time.
  • Lone Star Downs – We did have several requests for another horse race so we found that we could fit it in on Wednesday, February 17th from 3 to 5 PM. We will be serving food from the Chuck Wagon but we haven’t decided what quite yet.


  • Rio Grande Regional Medical Hospital Blood Screenings have been scheduled for 7 AM on February 15th and March 21st. You do not need to sign up to come. Just show up a bit before 7 AM so that you are there on time. This will be done in
  • Blood Test Results – David Almquist will return again on January 28th from 8 to 9 AM to talk to us about understanding our blood results. This will be in the large hall, kitchen side.
  • Bell Tone Hearing will be joining us after the meeting on Wednesday, February 3rd, from 10 to Noon.  They will be setting up appointments for a free hearing exam in their Weslaco office.


  •  Thursday, January 28th, David Church will be our entertainment at 7 PM. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at the door.
  • Sunday, January 31st, Gold Wing Express will be our entertainment at 3 PM. Tickets are $7 and can be purchased at the door. If the church could leave about 15 to 20 rows of chairs up, we won’t have to set up again for this event.
  • Thursday, February 4th, Gomer and Patsy will be on stage at 7 PM.


  • Friday, January 29th is Ralph & The Cruisers. Tickets are $10 and you can reserve seats in the Activity Office or get them at the door.
  • Friday, February 5th is The Agency. Tickets are $8. This will be their last $8 dance.
  • There will be no dance on February 12th.
  • The Valentine’s Dance will be held on Valentine’s Day which is Sunday, February 14th at 7 PM. The Agency will be our band for the event.  Tickets for the dance are now on sale to the public. Tickets are $10.
  • On February 19th at 7 PM, we will be having Team Jersey Night with Ralph & the Cruisers and you can start reserving seats for that now. The tickets are $10 each.
  • On February 26th SweetWater will be our band.


  • WR Two Hour Catamaran Cruise on the Laguna Madre (reschedule of the January 25th trip)  – We’ll leave at 2:30 PM on Tuesday, February 2nd.  The cost is $30. We have more rave reviews on this trip.  We had 14 open spots on this trip as of this morning. You can sign up at the back of the room after the meeting.  WE HAVE 10 OPEN SPOTS ON THIS TRIP AFTER WE FINISHED RESCHEDULING THE BUS.  STOP IN THE OFFICE IF YOU WANT TO TAKE THIS TRIP.
  • Bus to Quinta Mazatlan on January 28th leaving at 8:30 AM. We will be doing history and birding tour. The cost is $2 and you can pay it when you arrive.  There is some room
  • WR/TG Bus to the Finals of the National Professional Bull Riders. This is at the Mercedes Livestock Arena. The bus will leave on January 31st, Sunday, at 1:00 PM (not 4:30 as shown on the calendar). The cost is $10 plus a $1 per person bus parking fee.  This bus is full.
  • WR Bus to SPI Kite Festival Indoor Exhibition – Friday, February 15th. The bus will leave at 4:15 PM. You’ll have dinner at the Shrimp Haus (on your own) and then attend the Indoor Kite Festival. They are able to fly indoors because their kites are so lightweight that they can pull them into the air. We’ve seen flyers fly out on
    the West Coast with absolutely no breeze with no problem because of these specialty kites.   We have some seats left on this trip and if you are interested, please sign the standby sheet. We’ve had many trips where only two or four people sign up from Trophy.   This trip is closed.
  • WR/TG Bus to the South Padre Kite Festival on February 6th. The bus will leave at 9 AM. The Kite Shop has taken over control of the Kite Festival again so we now have professional kite flyers again. It should be a great show.  We now have two busses for this trip so we have seats available for this trip.  Stop in the office to sign up.
  • WR Bus to the South Texas Market on February 7th at 11 AM.
  • WR Two Hour Catamaran Cruise on the Laguna Madre – We’ll leave at 2:30 PM on Monday, February 8th. The cost is $30. Same trip as above.  We presently have eight seats left on this trip.
  • WR/TG Bus to the Symphony “Latin Festival” will depart at 6:30 PM on February 9th. The tickets are sold out at both Winter Ranch and Trophy Gardens.
  • WR Bus to Ol’D’s new place in Weslaco will depart at 1:30 PM on February 10th, Wednesday. We will arrive a half an hour early so we can eat before any of his other customers arrive for a meal. The entertainment will be from 3 to 6 PM.
  • WR Bus to “A Touch of Irish” Dance performance will be on February 13th leaving at 6 PM. We are selling tickets from the back of the Hall today.  TRIP IS NOW CLOSED.
  • WR Bus to Riverside for dinner and Sunset Cruise on the Rio Grande River on February 15th. The bus will leave at 4 PM. Tickets are $22 includes boat trip and meal.  This bus is full.  If you would like to go on this trip, let me know and we’ll do another bus trip.


Just a friendly reminder of our rules regarding bus trips.  These rules are on the bulletin boards in the Large and Small Halls as well as being on the Blog under the Bus Trip Information Tab. If you are going to miss a bus trip, you need to notify the Activity Office that you will not be going at least one business day before the trip. Otherwise, a $2 charge will be assessed and when paid will be given to the Bus Driver as part of his tip. If you consistently do not show up for bus trips (miss three times), you will not be able to take any trips the rest of the season.  So, if you have missed a bus trip, please stop in the office and we’ll take your $2 and give it to the bus driver.

Also, keep in mind that our bus drivers are strictly volunteers and we are really lucky to have them.  You see that we have several busses in the lot because several of our Wilder Parks no longer have busses.  Our guys are starting to trips for them also.

They receive no other compensation for driving you and waiting for you except your tips.  These guys go on the same trips over and over again and they deserve some compensation for it.  As a rule of thumb, a standard tip should be in the neighborhood of $5 per couple and $2.50 to $3 for a single.

Volunteers Needed:

Lee needs a few volunteers to help set up for the David Church concert on Thursday, January 28th at 4 PM.

We also need to set up some more tables and chairs for the Ralph & The Cruisers Dance on January 29th. Lee will start setting those up at 4 PM.

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