Bus Trip – National Bull Riders Finals


A group of our Winter Ranchers and Trophy Gardens residents headed out today to the watch the National Professional Bull Riders (NPBR).  The NPBR brought some of the nation’s top bull riders to town for a two-day event on Jan. 30-31 at the RGV Livestock Show Complex, Mercedes. According to the Winter Texan Times 35 top cowboys competed for an average of $14,000 in money and prizes. It also included a chance to win one of three $600 Monsoon Silver Champion Trophy Buckles and a sack full of money. The NPBR not only attracts bull riders from Texas and the surrounding states but also from Mexico, Brazil and Australia.



Jim Drake, our bus driver for the day

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Under age ten kids trying to grab the bow off the calf’s tail




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Some of our gang in the seats


Tom Robinson and Sue Henderson


Pro Rodeo Clown and Barrelman, Rockin’ Robbie Hodges of Cave Spring, GA


Girl on the mechanical bull 12662688_10207731561881453_7888695977297947604_n 12662693_10207731477999356_1098411272713778130_n 12669471_10207731471679198_3413653071665879865_n

Symbol for a hot 8 second ride

12670112_10207731563121484_5019039243147001468_n 12670561_10207731485999556_3116413748707549718_n

Thanks to Lee Clement for the pictures of this event!

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