15th Anniversary of our Country Jam

Today our jammers celebrated their 15th Anniversary.    Our Winter Ranch Country Jam was formed February 8, 2001 by Ross and Sheryl Craft, Don and Jean Countryman, Jack Bailey, Wayne Strickland, Maggie Moody, and Don and Pam Hoppe.   Crafts and Countrymen’s made all the food for lunch and asked RGV jammers to come and perform. Ross Craft is still the Coordinator of the Jam although the luncheon is coordinated by the Activity Department with volunteer crews who prepare the weekly meals.


Louie Long, Sheryl and Ross Craft and Pam Hoppe


We had a great crowd for lunch at the Anniversary Jam Today

12687908_10207813660333863_7601696774573276913_n 12688195_10207813709135083_9095127196310552881_n

People standing in line at the Chuck Wagon for lunch


Some of our visiting Jammers


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Winter Ranch Stage Band
Louie Long, Pam Hoppe, Francis Hahn, (Bruce Riley from Trophy Gardens who is a substitute base player for the band), Don Lubitz and Jim McAlpin


Chari Heldenbrand


The jam was heavily attended today too!


Pam gets to duck between guitars!


Our Kitchen Jam Crew hard at work.  The Can-Am Team was on board for this jam headed by Kathy Doddridge.  They had a wild day with a very large crowd today but they managed to do an excellent job.  Our menu today was cheesy broccoli soup, a hamburger or brat with chips, potato salad and a dessert or chicken salad on a croissant with chips and dessert.

12744641_10207813699014830_4157644695651380447_n 12745442_10207813699934853_4648246394825576854_n 12745906_10207813713535193_8070529417293937564_n

Shirley Birlingmeier counting jam on the jam side

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