Pickleball Tournament

The first annual Alamo Pickleball Tournament, held in conjunction with Alamo Winter Texan Appreciation Day, took place on Saturday, Feb. 20th at the Bowie Adult Education Center. 14 teams from Winter Ranch participated, with two teams from Trophy Gardens and one from Alamo Palms. It’s hoped that more from other RV parks will enter next year.

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There was a men’s and women’s doubles tournament in the morning and mixed doubles in the afternoon.  Six teams were entered in each division.  The tournament was organized by Warren Lock and Dody Anenson.

12049503_1121338017907150_7911979643679890612_nWinter Ranch Players

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The Tournament Officials at the net:  Mary and Greg Hanson and Jackie Lock




1st and 2nd Place Winners of the Men’s Doubles:
Don Hoppe, Bob Wilburn, Tom Griffith, and Al Bell

Winter Ranch came home with all the prizes awarded today.

Results for Men’s Doubles: 1st‐Bob Wilburn and Tom Griffith; 2nd‐Don Hoppe and Al Bell; 3rd‐Dale Peters and Merlin Graaf

Results for Women’s Doubles: 1st‐Sue Hobson and Joyce Groom; 2nd‐Flo Reed and Julie Spratt; 3rd‐Jan Bell and  Dody Anenson

Mixed Doubles: 1st‐Warren Lock and Dody Anenson; 2nd‐Bob Wilburn and  Joyce Groom; 3rd‐Rod McKee and Flo Reed


3rd Place Winners of the Women’s Doubles:  Jan Bell and Dody Anenson

12733394_1250101821670850_3183815057521119460_n 12744414_858166857663178_7553619273575373111_n

Winners of the 2nd Place Men’s Doubles:  Al Bell and Don Hoppe

Many, many thanks to all the people who helped with the Pickleball Tournament today, especially Mary and Greg Hanson, Jackie Lock, Larry Anenson and Barb Lashbrook. Champions were awarded trophies and 2nd and 3rd places received medals. Thanks to all who participated. Hope you had fun.  Dody and Warren

10003384_1250101798337519_2729684831978269959_nOfficial Presentation of the Medals – This is the 3rd Place Men’s Doubles Winners:  Dale Peters and Merlin Graaf

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