Sundae Sunday

After the Show and Share today, we had our monthly Sunday Sundae.   Everyone brings their own bowl and spoon and the scoops of ice cream are $1.  Then everyone can put on any of the toppings that they want.  This was our last Sunday Sundae of the season.


Dave Knicker and Marvin Campbell dipping Ice Cream


Janet Wilson, our Ice Cream Social Coordinator, and Elinor Kroll, the cashier

Today at the Sunday Sundae, we presented Macel Groth with her Sundae for Four.  She won this before the season started.  We put a contest out when I started the new Winter Ranch Blog.  I said I would give a Sundae for Four to the first person who found the site and sent me a message on the blog.  Macel was the winner and she finally decided to collect.


Janet made up a nice Sundae for Four as the prize!


Macel shared her prize with her husband, Lavere, and John and Bernice Lea Groth.  Congratulations again, Macel!

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