Resident Appreciation Event

Today was a joint effort to appreciate our resident.  David Lopez does a lot of work in the park for our residents and he teamed up with us to do the appreciation event.  His band, Blue Country Express, played for the residents for free and we fed them.


We served brats and sauerkraut, hot dogs or chili dogs, chips and soda for free today.  We also had brownies that were served until they ran out.  Our line at the Chuck Wagon was long and lasted for a full hour!!  We ran out of brats but we still had some hot dogs and chili left when we stopped serving.  I think David thought we would never get the line down because it was so noisy with people talking that he quit playing until the line settled down.  We are a happy talkative bunch!

DSC05159 DSC05160 DSC05161

We had a good crowd for the event!

We gave out a lot of great door prizes associated with food (priced from $15 to $10 each)  since we know our residents like to eat.  Then we had one of our crafts people donated a scroll saw wooden plaque with Winter Ranch on it which was very cool.  Then one of our residents won a darling doggie treat jar.   After that the prizes that we gave away were promotional items given to us to use as gifts.  Several people received coolers for a six pack and several people received some CD’s from artists that perform in the valley.  After those gifts were given away there were a lot of smaller gifts and we finally let people take what was left over.

DSC05162 DSC05163

And there was dancing!!

DSC05164 DSC05165  DSC05167

The David Lopez Band – “Blue Country Express”

DSC05168 DSC05169

Ruth and Dick King

DSC05171 DSC05172 DSC05174

Butch tried to get Neil and Deb to do a kiss but I told him since he suggested it, he had to do it first!  So, there you go!


Neil and Deb Kanne had to follow suit!

DSC05177 DSC05178

As Activity Directors, we appreciate you all and especially those that have helped us out so much this past season.  Thanks so much!

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