March 16, 2016 Wednesday Morning News

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We went from 727 to 656 this Week

Items in Red are new since the meeting!



3rd Place Medals in Bowling Mixed Doubles, Flight A: Judy Good and Leon Green

1st Place Medals for Bowling Team, Flight A: Connie Lerdon, Lud Lerdon, Jim Thomas, LaDonna Vaughn and Charlie Vaughn

2nd Place Medals for Bowling Team, Flight B: Charlotte Winner, Al Bell, Janis Bell, Leon Green and Norman Winner.


1st Place Medal in Horseshoes for Men 70+ Years – C Group: Donald Draker

1st Place Medal in Horseshoes for Men 70+ Years – D Group: Robert Haskell


1st Place Medal for Mixed Doubles Masters: Al Bell and Janis Bell

1st Place Medal for Mixed Doubles Matures: Wayne Jensen and Pam Jensen

1st Place Medal for Mixed Doubles Boomers:  James McCrory and Linda McCrory
(Note: The 2016 Awards Ceremony Booklet had Jim and Linda in as from Tip O Texas and so they were missed when we looked for Winter Ranch through the booklet. It was a clean sweep for us in the Mini Golf category! Sorry, Jim and Linda!)

2nd Place Medal for Mixed Doubles Boomers: Leon Green and Lois Green

3rd Place Medal for Mixed Doubles Boomers: Bill Snyder and Jean Snyder


1st Place Medal for Mixed Pickleball: Warren Lock from Winter Ranch and Rosy Frank from Aladdin Villa


2nd Place Medal for Women 60-69: Sue Hobson


2nd Place Medals for Women 60-69: Sue Hobson and Dody Anenson

WALK & TALK (Participation Points):

3rd Place Trophy to Winter Ranch

BIKING AND BIRDING (Participation Points):

We had a lot of Winter Ranchers who participated in the Biking event for the Olympics. We filled a bus plus for it, but unfortunately three other parks still had more participants. Thanks to everyone who took part in this event.



Before You Leave: It is that time again. When you get ready to leave make sure that your bikes, flower pots, grills, lawn ornaments, etc. are put away or securely fastened down. Any of these items can become missiles in a high wind and cause damage to your property or to others.

Activity Directors Needed: If you are at all interested or want to find out more about the position, see Cathy in the Business Office.

Keys for Units: Please fill out a new form in the Business Office for your keys that are left in the office before you leave.

Mail Forwarding: Make sure that our Mail Room has forwarding address labels for you before you leave. The Computer Group will make Mailing Labels at a nominal cost. You can request them in the Business Office.


St. Patrick’s Day Celebration: I have posted information about what is happening on my board in the Small Hall as well as several places in this hall. Just look for the Green Top Hat.   There has been a change in the schedule for the day.

The Poker Run will start at 1:30 in the Small Hall instead of 2 PM. You’ll pick up a map and visit 8 different sites around the park. The person with the best hand will win the pot. After you have visited all eight places, you can turn your card into the Activity Office. We’ll notify the winner by phone and put the results on Facebook and the Blog. The winner will get the whole pot if it is under $200. After it goes over $200, the top two people will split the pot.

There will be a Golf Cart Parade again this year.  Meet at Lot 333 at Trophy Gardens at 3:30 PM.  More specifics on it are posted on the walls as well as a map of the parade route so those that just want to watch the parade will know where to sit.  People that do the Golf Cart Parade are invited to a Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner at Trophy.

A Charity Golf Scramble for Alzheimer’s is tentatively proposed for March 18th. Watch the Golf Board for more information.

The Jam Appreciation Luncheon for those that helped to make our Jam so successful (those that worked on the Musical side and those that worked on a Jam Luncheon Teams) is scheduled for Noon on March 19th.

EASTER DINNER: We will have a potluck on Easter Sunday at 1 PM in the Large Hall. There are signup sheets in the Large Hall for the tables. This will be done the same way as we do Christmas and Thanksgiving except that the Activity Department will be giving the $1 per person at each table toward the meat. Each table will meet and decide what they will be making and what meat will be provided. The Activity Department will have coffee and iced tea available.

GREAT NEWS: Jim Thomas, next seasons Woodshop President, gave us all good news that Wilder Corporation will be putting $10,000 toward a new building. The new building will house stained glass and ceramics as well as the Painting Group. The existing building will be used by the Woodshop who is going to expand their area into the stained glass and ceramics area. Activity Room #3 and the Exercise Room will remain as they are. The Arts and Crafts Room will then be dedicated for any sewing, quilting or needlework activities or crafting projects. This project will be a two-year project with the building being constructed next season. The Activities Office is now taking donations toward the project and more fundraising will be done next season.


The last of the Rio Grande Regional Medical Hospital Blood Screenings has been scheduled for 7 AM for March 21st. There is a signup sheet on the bulletin board across from the Mail Room. They need to know how many to expect as it is getting late in the season.


Dominos will be on Thursdays from now on as Entertainment is done for the season.


  • Friday, March 18th will be our last dance of the season with Diego. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door.


  • WR Bus to Winter Texan Appreciation Day in Nuevo Progreso will leave here at 9 AM on March 21st. You can sign up at the back of the hall today and after that in the Activity Office.
  • WR/TG Bus to the Symphony “A Night at the Theater” will leave at 6:30 PM on March 22nd. These tickets are $5 and are available in the Business Office.
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One Response to March 16, 2016 Wednesday Morning News

  1. Norma Richardson says:

    Good news for the Woodshop expansion. We’ve been working towards that project for several years. I wish I could be back there to see it finished!!! Nice going, Jim!!!


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