March 23rd Wednesday Morning News

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Before You Leave: It is that time again. When you get ready to leave make sure that your bikes, flower pots, grills, lawn ornaments, etc. are put away or securely fastened down. Any of these items can become missiles in a high wind and cause damage to your property or to others.

Activity Directors NOT Needed:  Lee and Anita King were introduced at the meeting this morning.  They will be our new Activity Directors next season.  They are full-time RVer’s and have workamped all over the United States.  They have worked as Activity Directors in the past.  They have a lot of good experience and we (Lee and Mary) are really looking forward to them taking over the helm next season.

Kitchen Coordinator:  We are also pleased to announce that we have a new Kitchen Coordinator, Kurt Abrecht that we’ll meet next season.  Anita says that the way he cooks, he should be called a Chef.  And, from talking to him,  we are very excited to taste the meals that will come out of the kitchen next season.

Keys for Units: Please fill out a new form in the Business Office for your keys that are left in the office before you leave.

Mail Forwarding: Make sure that our Mail Room has forwarding address labels for you before you leave. The Computer Group will make Mailing Labels at a nominal cost. You can request them in the Business Office.


EASTER DINNER:  We will have a potluck on Easter Sunday at 1 PM in the Large Hall.  There are signup sheets in the Large Hall for the tables.  This will be done the same way as we do Christmas and Thanksgiving except that the Activity Department will be giving the $1 per person at each table toward the meat.  Each table will meet and decide what they will be making and what meat will be provided.  The Activity Department will have coffee and iced tea available.  If you haven’t picked up your meat money for your table, please stop in soon!

EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION LUNCHEON:  We will have a luncheon for our employees on March 29th at 11:30 AM in the Large Hall.  We could use a couple of volunteers to help us serve.  Just give me a call or stop in the office after the meeting.

SCHEDULING:  The scheduling of rooms and events is finally completed.  If you are the Group Coordinator and did not receive an e-mail from me giving you the date and time of your event, please give me a call or stop in the office.  I either don’t have your right e-mail or you were missed and we don’t want that.



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