Bus Trip to King Ranch

Two buses headed out from Winter Ranch to the 26th annual Ranch Hand Breakfast at King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas on on Saturday, November 19th.  They had a taste of the cowboy life on historic King Ranch and a breakfast of eggs, refried beans, biscuits and gravy, sausage, tortillas, coffee and juice.


On the bus at Sunrise!


The King Ranch Tour Guide boarded our bus to give us information along the way.


01-15094297_10210142524434010_275885247865242919_n 02-15171104_10210142525394034_500549091482380687_n 03-15073316_10210142527674091_580104073625798634_n 04-15134694_10210142537274331_4990244468533097978_n 05-15181119_10210142540674416_4475327191609478074_n


I bet they were happy to get off the bus!  That’s a lot of miles.

08-15181551_10210142544114502_1827254233637631329_n 09-15078544_10210142489953148_9185746070136527920_n 10-15170861_10210142490193154_5363330693224725243_n

Lots of vendor tents to visit

11-15181492_10210142498473361_2452586193706163487_n 12-15181707_10210142493713242_6589972006474245969_n

There are some of our Winter Ranchers!


Team roping and old-time cow camp cooking demonstration were also a part of the activities, along with storytelling, and musical entertainment.


Antler trees at the Ranch


Wally and Mary Snead enjoying breakfast


Outdoor cooking for the masses!



18-15095048_10210142475632790_4358675825778036486_n 19-15178210_10210142476672816_8256059573811873133_n 20-15135986_10210142477912847_7963093035709308333_n 21-15055668_10210142478992874_4984794695881366448_n

Looking yummy!


Haven’t seen this guy at Winter Ranch!


Don and Pam Hoppe and Sue Hobson

27-15032883_10210142389510637_3045365150921969082_n 28-15107294_10210142398350858_4947891388765294166_n

On the way back, we stopped at IHOP for dinner.


This waiter is talented!

30-15179132_1128837417170876_8033608378861214491_n 31-15109495_1128837440504207_8333123934443172121_n 32-15073469_10206177732922617_2717542554054904219_n

I head from lots of Winter Ranchers that they had a great trip!

Thanks to Lee Clement, Pam Hoppe and Josie Blawat for pictures from this bus trip.

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