November 16th Wednesday Morning Meeting Minutes


Resident Count – Last Week 257 – This Week 322!



David and Cheryl Thrash
Lot 36
From Paris, Tennessee


Cathy Chapin, Manager opened the meeting.

Della Rae Orndorff offered prayer.

City of Alamo Prayer Breakfast = The City of Alamo will hold their Prayer Breakfast on November 17th at Winter Ranch RV Resort at 8 am.

Golf Course News

  • Please do not throw cigarette butts on the course.
  • Vicki Miller and Rosie Dorsey have retired from the Golf Course.  They were thanked by a round of applause for their service.  Dick DeGaramo and  Bob Hutchins have accepted the responsibility of the Golf Course.

Veteran’s Day Program – Anita asked all volunteers who helped with the event to stand and be recognized.

Choir practice will begin on Friday at 11 am.

King Ranch Bus Trip – Anita distributed an informational sheet for the trip to King Ranch.

Sign up sheets are posted across from the Mail Room for the following events:

Waterford Gardens –  Dec. 1st and 5th

Hill Top Gardens Aloe Farm – Dec. 7th

Razz Ma Tazz  Dec. 11th at 2 pm

Christmas House Dec. 5th, 7th and 14th

Sweetwater Dance – Dec. 2nd

Volunteers are needed – please see the board by the Mail Room

Find something to smile about.

Anita and Lee King.

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2 Responses to November 16th Wednesday Morning Meeting Minutes

  1. klt121 says:

    If anyone has Karen Kingsbury book when Joy came to sing, could I borrow it? Lot 612 phone number 248-408-5890. Not sure this is right place to post this or not


  2. klt121 says:

    Just wanted to thank John Caster and Marge for hosting the karaoke Saturday, while Carol Early was gone.
    Also please keep your caroling books from the paper to be used for the Christmas caroling on Dec. 20th at 3:30. Remember to give me any names of people to be caroled to. Karen Timko


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