Christmas Lighting Contest



We will again we celebrating the season by having a Christmas Lighting Contest. Everyone in the park (including employees) are invited to participate by lighting up their RV, Park Model or Mobile.  Then everyone can take part in the judging.  The more the merrier!  Here is the information regarding the Contest.

1. Light the lights and decorate your site in the spirit of the season. 

2. You must be registered to win. To register sign up on the Contest Registration Sheets on the Bulletin Board across from the Mail Room.  You must be registered by Noon on December 14th when the Registration Sheet will be taken down

3. The judging will be from December 17-21. During judging, please keep your lights on until at least 9:30 p.m. so everyone can enjoy the lights around the park.

4. Prizes will be donated by the Activity Office and will be awarded in the following categories (RV’S are included in all categories):

  •  Silent Night, Holy Night (most religious) Display
  • Martha Stewart Would Be Proud (most elegant) Display
  • Charlie Browniest (most whimsical) Display
  • Clark Griswold (most lights) Display
  • Making Spirits Bright Display (doesn’t fit the other categories)

5.  All residents of Winter Ranch will receive a Judging Sheet in their mail box by December 16th. Then you can walk or drive around the park and pick your favorites.  The Activity Office will have a container for your ballots.   Ballots must be received in the Activity Office by Noon on December 22nd.  If no one is there, stick the ballot in the mail slot in the door!



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