Stuffing the Christmas Stockings

Today we had the Christmas Stockings stuffed in the Large Hall.  Barb DeGaramo has been the Coordinator of the charitable event for several years.  The items that have been donated by Winter Ranchers are put into categories and spread across the tables.  Once everything is in all the stockings, they are sorted into age groups and packed up for donation to the Little Mexico section of McAllen.  These will be given to the children for the Children’s Posada.


Our Group of Christmas Elves


Tables and tables full of donations for the Christmas Stockings

11-dsc01337 12-dsc01338 14-dsc01340 15-dsc01341 16-dsc01342 17-dsc01343

Barb DeGaramo


Our Christmas Elves getting directions on packing the stockings


The Stuffing Has Begun


23-dsc01350 24-dsc01351 25-dsc01353 26-dsc01354 27-dsc01355 28-dsc01356 29-dsc01357 30-dsc01359 31-dsc01360 32-dsc01362

They had quite a load of stuff to take down to ARISE today for the Posada and it warms the heart just to think of the joy this project brings to the children of that neighborhood.

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