Salvation Army Bell Ringers

Dean and Patti Ellison are the Coordinators of our Salvation Army Bell Ringers.  We were stationed at the Walgreens in Alamo on Tuesdays.  These were the bell ringers for this season:

Dean and Patti Ellison
Donna Hulsey
Mary Hanson
Bud and Carolyn Phillips
Harrell and Karen Hockmeier
Lee and Mary Benfield
Marv and Della Orndorf

I have to tell you that this was a very heart-warming experience.  We watched little children proudly put in change.  Lots of veterans came in and donated to the Salvation Army and many talked of their experiences with the Salvation Army during their years in the service.  The Salvation Army was always my Dad’s favorite charity so I was happy to participate. But, I have to tell you about the two donors who really made me think about how much of what we have we give to charity.

We watched as two homeless guys came toward us.  One stopped with a shopping cart heaped with their belongings and stood under a tree in the parking lot.  It was 90 some degrees outside.  The other guy took his two little dogs and walked across the street to a convenience store.  I told Lee to get some money out to give them because I was sure they would be stopping to see us as they looked particularly in need.  Instead when the guy returned from the Convenience Store, he walked over and plunked a bunch of change into our bucket and he and his friend went on their merry way. What a lesson – it was almost like the bible story about the women who only had a penny but gave everything she had at the altar. Just think how all of us are blessed!

We don’t know yet how much our bucket at Walgreens brought in to the Salvation Army but should be getting that information soon.  Last year our bucket brought in $683 and the district brought in $202,238.23 for the Salvation Army – all of which will go for a great cause.

We managed to get a few pictures at Walgreens:


Marvin Orndorff


Donna Hulsey and Mary Hanson


Mary and Lee Benfield


Bud and Carolyn Phillips


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