Jeff Gordon Show

Jeff Gordon entertained us tonight and, boy, were we entertained.  Everyone seemed to really enjoy the show and some of the crowd in the back were dancing in the aisles. Unfortunatly, the pictures we took of them were too blurry so they are saved! lol


Charlie and Nora Minor selling tickets


Before the show Jeff Gordon came down and talked to the audience


And the show has begun


Jeff changed jackets several times during the show as he changed his voice to match singers like Elvis, Tom Jones, Glenn Campbell, Buddy Holly and Louie Armstrong.  What a terrific voice Jeff Gordon has!

dscf3476 dscf3481 dscf3485

He came out to sing to a few of the ladies in the audience and then Carol Ritchie pulled her chair up into the middle of the aisle.  He gave Carol some special attention as she really livened up the audience.

dscf3487 dscf3493 dscf3495 dscf3497

He was Elvis in the gold jacket.

dscf3500 dscf3504 dscf3507 dscf3508 dscf3509 dscf3510 dscf3511

We had some dancing going on in the back of the room.


It was a great show!

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