December 14th Wednesday Morning Meeting Minutes


There are currently 494 residents in the park.

Cathey Chapin called the meeting to order.

Sue Woodward offered prayer.

Donuts were provided by David Almquest or Rio Grande Regional Hospital.

New residents were introduced.

David Almquest presented information on the Wellness program and blood draws for December 19th.  Sign-up sheets will be on the bulletin board.

Cathy –  Please wear your badges so staff and other residents will know your names.

Golf Course –  Cathy asked that no golf carts be driven on the golf course.

Wi-Fi –  We are aware of the problems and they are continually working on them.

Flu Season –  If you are not feeling well, please do not attend activities.

Thank you for your response to the Employee Christmas donations.

Angel Tree – Bring gifts to the Park Meeting on the 21st.

From Activities:

A Week in Review –

Razz Ma Tazz – 138 attended

Jam – 120 meals served

Craft show – Successful and profitable.

Volunteers for the week were recognized and thanked for their assistance.

Friday nights dance will be Route 66.  A $50 cash drawing will be held for Winter Ranch Residents who are present.

There will be no jams on December 24th or 31st.

December 23 – Christmas Party has been moved to 2 pm on Saturday, December 24th, Christmas Eve.

December 23rd –  Loaded baked potato bar with dessert and music by Carlos.  This will be a fundraiser for the new building.  Tickets are $10 per person.

If you would like to know how to run sound for the hall.  A signup sheet is on the bulletin board.

Thank you for the donations of the glass baking dishes, television, sign boards, 3 electric griddles, and dice cage.

Anita and Lee King



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