New Building Update


Friends of Winter Ranch RV Park,                                                                            December 21, 2016

RE:          New Building

For those of you who were not here or not able to attend the Wednesday Park Meeting, we want to update you on the latest information.

The building will be 30’ X 50’.   It will be a wood frame structure with vinyl siding and a metal roof which will meet local windstorm codes.  The building will be divided into two areas, stained glass and ceramics on one side, and crafts, painting etc. on the other side.

At this point, we have raised approximately $20,000 ($10,000 from Wilder; $8,000 from Woodshop; $1,000 from Activities; $200 from the Painting Group; plus, resident donations.)   We will require about
$16,000 in additional monies to complete the project.  That breaks down to $20 per resident.

Progress is being made.   To date, the concrete foundation has been poured, and material and labor bids have been approved to complete the shell and exterior of the building.  This work could begin by the middle of January if we can raise another $5,000 – $6,000 quickly.  Some fundraisers have been planned with the first being Friday, December 23rd.

If fundraising is successful, our goal is to have a useable building by season end.  Most of us will enjoy the extra room available even though your activity may not be moving.  The vacated space will allow other groups more time slots and days to enjoy sewing, quilting, etc.

As we progress, we will be talking to the different groups affected to ensure their needs will be met in the new facility.  We will also determine days and time slots for those groups.  As we do that, we will know the availability to other activities that have a need for additional space or time slots.

We will have the most current information available at Wednesday morning meetings.  If you believe in the benefit of the project, and have the means, we would appreciate any additional help we can get.  Check the bulletin board by the Rest Rooms for the most current information.

Please bring your donations to the Activity Office.

Winter Ranch Activities Advisory Board—  Jim Thomas, Chairman; Lee Clement, Vice- Chairman; Paul Wilson; Barb Steenrod; Marg Janke; Dave Knicker; and  Marvin Orndorff


Enclosed is my/our donation for the New Building Fund.

_____   $20 for Individual

_____   $40 for Couple

_____   Other Amount

_____   Memorial Donation in honor of ____________________________________

_____   Please have someone stop by and visit with us in person.

Name ____________________________________        Lot #  _______________________

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