Baked Potato Fund Raiser For The New Building

On December 23rd we had a Baked Potato Fund Raiser for the new Building.  We were unable to attend but Lee Clement had some great pictures that we took off of Facebook.  Thanks, Lee!  We’re not quite sure what was going on in all the pictures, however, we figure those of you that were there would!

The Fundraiser was a great success!  Check it out:

Meals                      $1,448
50/50                           226
Winner                         225 (donated their winnings)
Donations                    559
Total                          2,223
Expenses                     500
Raised                     $1,723

Here are the pictures:

15590016_10210500573905023_2487460736535366023_n 15590638_10210500577025101_6868148442522310234_n

Anita King and Lee Clement


Anita King and Mary Jane Jensen


Sharon and Gary Dagsgard

15621804_10210500574505038_994872104754576664_n 15622126_10210500572464987_1883330532504247648_n

Jeff Spence and Lee King in the Kitchen

15622357_10210500573385010_9055425331630319782_n 15622360_10210500575185055_4733162216858201008_n

Lee and Anita with Pat Cullett


Anita and Mary Lawrence


Some of the Servers: Anita, Donna Campbell, and Dody Anenson

15622768_10210500583345259_8940865038842658473_n 15665675_10210500572944999_3995682282040962171_n 15665790_10210500578585140_3697321271211359882_n

Anita and Bob Maharas


Anita and Nita Edgington


Carolyn and Jerry Nieland


Lee and Anita with Jeff Spencer


Eleanor Kroll did cashiering

15697239_10210500574905048_2377947023685046831_n 15697544_10210500576785095_4271293353310157552_n



Linda Thomas and Deb Kanne on this end


Anita and Patti Ellison


Thanks to Lee Clement for the pictures from this event!

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