December 28th Wednesday Morning Meeting Minutes


There are 536 residents in the park.

Cathy Chapin called the meeting to order.

Sharon Huether offered prayer.

Cathy announced that Jack and Donna Hulsey’s daughter passed away last night.

The sewer repairs are almost complete.  Thank you for your patience.

Alamo Lions Club will be placing boxes in the park to recycle eyeglasses and hearing aids.

Storage – Sherri (office) Please complete the paperwork and pick up the sticker for your storage items.

The Billard’s group will take orders for T-Shirts ($10) in pink and green until next’s week meeting

Lee and Anita King – Activity Announcements:

An information sheet has been sent in the mailboxes to update 50th Anniversaries, who are Veterans and Law Enforcement and Fire Department retirees are.  Please complete the paperwork and return to Activities.  This information is for “in-park” only.

Week in Review:

The fundraiser for the new building nets $1700 +

Thank you for attending the Christmas Party and the Candlelight Service on Christmas Eve.

The Jeff Gordon concert was a big hit.

Lone Star Downs brought many people to the event.

Next Week:

Donuts will be provided by Integra Wellness before the Park Meeting on January 4th.

Dance on January 6th at 7 pm will be Jealous Heart.  Tickets are $5.


Ladies Luncheon –  January 9th – London Grill & Tavern.  They can accommodate 110 ladies.  Please let us know if you are riding the bus.

Today is the last day to purchase meals for New Year’s Eve.

Red Head Express tickets are available.

Men’s Luncheon tickets are available from the Video Room.

Pam Jensen announced the Fusible Jewelry class will begin next Tuesday, January 3rd at 6:30 pm in the Stained Glass Room.  Sign up sheet on bulletin board by Mailroom.

San Juan Ranch tour will be January 23rd.  $25 per person.  Sign up on bulletin board across from mail room.

Murder at the Deadwood Saloon –  The dinner theater will be held on January 31st.  Tickets are still available for $12 each.  Lee and Anita did a skit about the event.

Anita King, Activity Director

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