January 4th Wednesday Morning Meeting Minutes



There are 671 residents as of today, a gain of 135 since last Wednesday.

Lee King, Activity Director welcomed everyone in the hall.

Prayer was offered by Bev Nicholson and Lee led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Today was Cathy Chapin’s Birthday.  We had collected cards for her, a bouquet of roses from staff and were ready to have birthday cake.  Cathy was ill and unable to attend.  We sent the basket of cards and the flower arrangement with Larry.  The cakes are in the freezer waiting for her return.   Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Cathy and Roy Darby recorded the singing.

Donuts were provided by Integra Wellness.  Eric Dunivan gave a brief talk about their services and ultra sounds were scheduled for January 13th.

Week in Review:

The New Year’s Eve Party was a great success with over 150 attending.  Thank you for participating.  Winner of the $100 for Let’s Make a Deal was divided between Lavere and Merlyn.

The 25/25/50 drawing was very successful thanks to all of you and Sally Batterson and Paula Sheridan.  The 25/25 was won by the same person.

Lee – Thank you for your support.  As Activity Directors, we do ask that you allow us some time off.   When we attend church services, please do not ask work related questions or request information.  Office hours are 9 – 4, Monday through Friday, and we do close for lunch.   When we are working at 7 or 8 am we are trying to complete a task without interruption.  When we are at lunch, we have people walk by and say, “I hate to interrupt your lunch, BUT”, you have interrupted.   What you don’t realize is that four or five people may have done the same thing. We ask that you be patient and allow us some time off.

Sound Class – Thursday at 2 pm in the Friendship Hall.

Schedule changes:

January 8th – no Illinois potluck

January 9th – 7 am RGVH Test Results discussion will be on January 11th at 8 am

January 16th – Iowa Pot Luck has been moved to January 30th from 11 am to 2 pm

January 31st – Illinois Pot Luck is February 26th.

Pickleball –  – no pickleball on Monday from 9:30 to 1pm and Friday pickleball is from 1 to 3pm

Murder at the Deadwood Saloon – Tickets are sold out.    Montgomery Money stopped by the meeting to check out the poker players and invite you to the poker game at the Deadwood Saloon on January 31st.   Cast meeting will be held this afternoon in the small hall at 2 pm.


Friday night –  Dance Jealous Heart  7 pm  $5

Sat.  Jam Concessions –  11:30 to 4 –  Need more help see us at office

Watercolor Classes are held on Monday’s from 1 – 3pm

Craft Show – Tuesday January 10th

Wed. Jan 12th Bus Trip to Gladys Porter Zoo.  Please pay for admission if you have not paid.

Acrylic Class is held on Friday’s from 1 – 4 pm

Garage Sale – sign up   January  20th –  No charge for tables.  We have 32 tables reserved.

Quilt Show January  24th

50th Anniversary Celebration –  Sign-up sheets are posted on the board by the Mail Room.

Wood Shop will have a meeting following today’s Park meeting.

MARGARITA PARTY TEE SHIRTS  – Last day to order T-shirts for the party.

Variety Show – Lee Clement and Joann Sullivan announced they are looking for participants to be in the show.  Please contact them directly.

Dance Lessons –  Line Dancing, and country western two step, and twists and turns will be held after the meeting today.

Recycle – Wanda Wheeler reminded everyone to bring their recycling to her site.

Nora Minor announced she needs volunteers to take down the Christmas decorations on Sunday afternoon.

Jim Thomas, New Building Coordinator, gave an update on the progress of the fundraising.  Funds are still needed.  If you have donated, we sincerely thank you for your support.

50/50 was sponsored by the Pickleball group.


Anita and Lee King

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