Wednesday Morning Minutes – February 15, 2017



Last Week 753 Residents – This Week 740 Residents

The annual Parade of Flags was the highlight of today’s meeting.  All states and Canadian Provinces were represented by a flag bearer.

Prayer was given by Doug Elkin

Cathy’s Information:

Congratulations to the Bridge Players for winning the trophy again this year.

Advisory Board nominations are due today at 5 pm.  Ballots will be sent out next week.

Puppy Parade – Thursday at the Dog Park

Cathy’s Closet –  After inventory, there are 2 wheelchairs missing.  If you are using one of them, please let the office know.

Fax – Received the pool temperatures will be reset to the original temperatures.

Jim Mahan – Variety Show will be this coming Sunday, February 19th at 7 pm.

States with most representatives here in the Park:   Iowa, Missouri, Texas, Illinois, and Minnesota. We have people from 32 states and 3 provinces.

Activities Week in Review –  Thank you for your participation in last week’s events

Thursday – Auction raised $3400 for new bldg. –  Thank you for supporting the events.

Helen Russell and Co –  Some of our guys joined her on stage.  We have booked them for a dance next season.

Thank you to the Jam volunteers on Saturday.  We appreciate you.

Wellness clinic – 24 participants Your results will be in your mailbox.

Craft Show – New information sheets were distributed for the 2017-18 season.  Rates have increased slightly.  Several new stipulations have been added including no subletting of your booth to other vendors.

Round up – David Lopez band entertained us on Valentine’s Day afternoon.

This Week –

Segway rides today after meeting behind the pool

Bingo tonight and Sat night

Thursday –  Laughing Bird – 7 pm   $8 tickets   Fantastic live music and great comedy.

Friday dance – Country Roland Jr

Saturday – Jam – need a cook and volunteers to help serve food.

Sunday – Pot luck for all other states at 11 am

Sunday – Variety show –  hall closed from 1 – 7 for rehearsal

Show at 7 pm – no charge  We will offer drinks and ice cream at intermission.  Everything will be $1.   Please bring $1 bills with you.

Monday – 20th – memorial service at 1:30 pm

Tuesday – 3:30 – Margarita Party  3 pm

Catamaran tours – full  if you are unable to attend, please let us know as we have a waiting list.

Lee King also reminded everyone to be considerate and tip our bus drivers.  On a recent trip the driver received an average of 79 cents per person.  The drivers are volunteers and the tips are their compensation.  Please consider $2.50 per person.  Remember this is almost the price of 1 gallon of gas.  We don’t want to lose our drivers.   They plan the route, clean and maintain the busses, fill them with gas, before you step on to enjoy your trip.

Quilters Dinner – February 28th at 4:30 pm

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